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REHAPROTEX offers everything for active and self-sufficient life


Between 29 October and 1 November 2019, the REHAPROTEX trade fair will feature a wide range of rehabilitation, compensatory, prosthetic and orthopaedic aids, as well as products for the active life of senior citizens at the Brno Exhibition Centre. Social service providers or sheltered workshops and foundations will also be presenting their products and services; you can buy a Christmas gift for your loved ones. You can also look forward to a rich programme of lectures, workshops, counselling, opportunities to try para sports and shows by popular personalities.

The fair is meant for all people with certain limitations of movement, hearing or sight, people interested in spa and rehabilitation, but also people who are active members of the Senior Pass project or who want to become one. Everyone over 55 can join the project. The fair will also attract those who like the products of sheltered workshops and foundations and would like to buy a nice gift for their loved ones for Christmas.

Exhibitors introduce themselves

Among the exhibitors there are ten companies that are members of the Association of Manufacturers and Resellers of Medical Devices: DMA Praha, ERILENS, COURSES, MEDESA care, MEDICCO, MEYRA, ORTIKA CZ, ORTOSERVIS, PATRON Bohemia and SIVAK medical technology. They all have a common goal to offer their clients a wide range of high-quality medical devices, to simplify and make their day-to-day activities more enjoyable, thereby enabling them to become more independent and improve their quality of life. Their range of mechanical and electric wheelchairs, lifting and positioning systems, as well as walking aids and many other products can not only be seen and tried at the fair, but people can also find out what are the best options for solving their needs. You will also be happy to answer questions about the implementation of the new Medical Devices Act. Also represented are ALTECH, HURT or VECOM, CanoCar - specialists in car conversion or MEBSTER research and development company. At the expo, however, you will also find the first wheelchair-accessible camper Charley Tramp, and you can also compete for its rental for Easter 2020.

Special REHAEXPRES train

This year, too, a special wheelchair-accessible REHAEXPRES expo train is heading from Prague to Brno, which will arrive directly to Hall A at the Brno Exhibition Centre. It will depart on Tuesday 29 October 2019 at 6:49 am, arriving in Brno at 9:50 am,  and returning then to Prague at 4:00 pm. Anyone who wants to come to REHAPROTEX can travel by this train. The train capacity is 185 seats for seated passengers and 14 places for wheelchairs. The fare is CZK 75, which also includes free admission to the fair. Train tickets will not be sold publicly; it is necessary to sign up for this train by 22 October 2019. More information is available at www.nrzp.cz. Vaclav Krása, Chair of the Czech National Council of People with Disabilities (NRZP), will also arrive by this train. It is precisely thanks to the successful negotiations of the NRZP with representatives of Czech Railways that this train can be dispatched.

Wide range of counselling and free services

REHAPROTEX will bring, besides novelties and presentation of a range of exhibitors, a diverse supporting programme, where both trade visitors and lay public will have theirs. At the fair you will find specialists from exhibiting companies and expert organizations who will be happy to advise you and help solve your specific problem. The questions may concern socio-legal issues, sorting  architectural barriers, or consumer defence. You can also find here Bílý kruh bezpečí  [White Circle of Safety], consultancy Kudy kam [Wherefrom Whereto] nutritional or intimate counselling or even advice and examples of Mary Kay make-up for senior citizens. There will be free blood pressure and sight testing, food intolerance and body fat, or examination and taping by a physiotherapist with Kine-MAX products. More about free counselling and services.

Sheltered workshops will offer beautiful Christmas gifts

A number of sheltered workshops will offer their products at REHAPROTEX. From their range of ceramics, handmade candles, wicker goods, jewellery and textile and other products you will be able to choose a nice Christmas present. These products will not only please but also help people with disabilities.

Topics for professionals and the public

Many important partners from the non-profit sector have participated in the preparation of the expo and its supporting programme. The programme, which affects self-sufficient and independent life of people with disabilities, is being prepared by the Wheelchair League. ParaCENTRUM Fenix ​​helps people after their backbone and spinal cord injuries and their loved ones to return to active life. They will offer specialized topics such as activation of people with disabilities, compensation of disability through aids, transfers and handling, or return to the labour market. There will be a programme for carers or a preventive discussion about backbone and spinal cord injuries, where you will learn how to prevent them. A lecture called Between Sectors,  or Support for Families of Children with Disabilities in the South Moravian Region is being prepared by Silesian Diaconia.

The National Council of People with Disabilities of the Czech Republic is also preparing its programme. On the first day of the expo on 29 October, in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and with Czech Railways, the special REHAEXPRES train will go from Prague to the Brno Exhibition Centre. The arrival of the train will be followed by a conference entitled How will the conditions of travelling for people with disabilities change after the liberalization of railway transport", where the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Andrej Babiš, representatives of railway carriers and many other prominent guests promised their attendance. On Wednesday 30 October, a seminar will be held by the Energy Regulatory Office on the protection of consumers against “bullies” when changing energy suppliers. The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs is preparing a seminar on family life, intimacy and sexuality of people with disabilities. The General Health Insurance Company organizes a Meeting of Audit Technicians. The National Institute of Public Health will promote a healthy lifestyle at the Health Forum. You will learn everything about proper nutrition and physical activity, prevention of infectious diseases, hand hygiene, including the practice of proper hand washing, prevention of Alzheimer's disease and prevention of smoking or alcohol and drug use. Of course, it will also provide counselling.

Special programme for senior citizens

The days of Wednesday 30 October  and Thursday 31 October  2019 will traditionally be dedicated primarily to the supporting programme directed by Senior Pas, which is preparing a special programme for senior citizens. You can look forward to a show  by Jiří Helekal and Vladimír Hron or interesting lectures on senior travel, intergenerational volunteering or inspiration from Manchester, an age-friendly city. This year's event was given patronage by the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Jana Maláčová. An interesting feature will be the roundtable discussions organized by the Regional Aging Policy (Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs) project with its regional coordinators. You can also experience a range of practical activities, whether it be educational workshops, memory training, tai chi exercises or pedigree building. You will also be able to obtain a senior citizen's envelope (I.C.E. card) at the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs stand. Senior pass holders can buy discounted admission to the fair for as little as CZK 20.

Emil Sport Arena

The Emil Endowment Fund is preparing a special Emil Sport Arena for you at REHAPROTEX, which will be open for you every day of the fair and will present a range of activities for the disabled. You can meet para-sportspeople who will be happy to show you what they are really good at - whether it be floorball, rugby, basketball or para hockey, para golf, curling, boccia or futsal for the blind. In addition, you will can try all the sports yourself and ask whatever you are interested in.

You can also try a handbike trainer or ride a wheelchair on different surfaces and doing practical tasks that a person on a wheelchair must normally handle. You can watch a dance show by A proč ne? group or listen to reading by Iva Březinová, author of the book “www.bez-bot.cz” about a handicapped teenager.

Free admission for disabled and their guides

The fair will be held in the modern and spacious Hall A, which provides ideal wheelchair-accessible facilities. Entrance will be made possible through the main gate and Hall E, car entrance through gate No. 4 (disabled only). The expo will be open daily from 9 am to 5 pm, Friday to 2 pm.

Basic ticket at the gate costs CZK 100, or CZK 80 when buying online in advance. For holders of Senior pass, the ticket will cost 20 CZK, and price deals will be available for senior citizens and students. Admission to the expo complex will be free of charge for the disabled (ZPT and ZTP/P card holders), including their guides.

You can also find information about the fair and exhibitors and the supporting programme in the BVV mobile app.

Date: 29 Sep 2019 08:00:00

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