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Sheltered workshops will offer beautiful Christmas gifts


A number of sheltered workshops will offer their products at REHAPROTEX, from which you can choose a nice Christmas gift. These products will not only please but also help people with disabilities.

Ceramics, handmade candles, wicker goods, jewellery, cardboard, wicker products and other products will be offered for example by organisations such as Centrum služeb a podpory Zlín [Centre of Services and Support Zlín], Centrum sociálních služeb pro osoby se zrakovým postižením v Brně-Chrlicích [Centre of Social Services for People with Visual Impairments in Brno-Chrlice] or Zámeček Střelice [Střelice Mansion].

The company Mydlidědek specializes in the production of soaps, aromatic salts and essential oils.

Textile products for our smallest ones as well as textile interior decorations will be offered by Charita Opava, Charita Strážnice, sheltered workshop AVE, LIDUMILA, Sansimon or Sociální firma – PRÁH BRNO [Social Enterprize – THRESHOLD BRNO], which also works with paper, clay or wood.

Jana Šmudlová – Filemon & Baucis will present her offer for senior citizens.

Promotional items and special jewellery and pendants made of Lego will also be offered by ParaCENTRUM Fenix. At their stand you will also find packs of delicious Brazilian coffee from one of the clients.

Liga vozíčkářů [The Wheelchair League] will sell products of its daily service centre: lavender bags, pictures, flowers that won't fade, wine glasses and more. A well-proven “badger” will be available at their stand. You can make an original badge or a badge with an already prepared motif.

Date: 21 Oct 2019 09:51:00

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