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29.5. - 1.6. 2019

International Fire Fighting Equipment and Services Fair

Velebný & Fam


EMBROIDERED CEREMONIAL FLAGS made with hand-craft care of our employees represent their owners at various meetings, local or international competitions etc. All army units have also their emroidered ceremonial flag to use it at military parade and ceremonial occasions. Profesional design of your flag from us is matter of course. We offer various accessories for ceremonial flags: FLAG STAFFS, FLAG STANDS and holders, protective PVC FLAG WRAPPERS, TRANSPORT FLAG BAGS...

EMBROIDERED APPLIQUÉS, TABLE FLAGS incl. stands, COMMEMORATIVE PLAQUES, BADGES OF HONOUR are additional goods for you. We make embroidered or printed table flags, medals, plaques, embroidered appliqués on your clothing to present your membership, embroidered name tags, ranks. Another representative goods are COMMEMORATIVE CERTIFICATES and DIPLOMAS in original design.

You can find in our wide range of products embroidered or printed MEMORIAL RIBBONS, ceremonial leather or textile GLOVES for flag bearers, EMBROIDERED or ENAMELLED WALL EMBLEMS and other information boards.


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29.5. - 1.6. 2019

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