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26.-29.5. 2021

International Fire Fighting Equipment and Services Fair

PYROS has a retail zone for the first time


Firefighters are also planning to modernize technology and equipment, both for the professionals from the Fire Brigade as well as members of volunteer fire brigades. Overall, Czech firefighters will work with a budget of 8.7 billion Crowns this year, which is about 900 million more than in 2016. They want to invest 1.1 billion and finance should go to purchase a new intervention equipment or refurbishment of fire stations for volunteer firefighters. A traditional exhibitor at the safety fairs, the State Material Reserves Administration, plans an extensive modernization of their equipment and supplies.

Saturday, 3 June, is designed as a "Safety Day" for children and adults, where the exhibition centre will be the venue of live demonstrations showcasing various activities related to the integrated rescue system in crisis situations. This concept caters to visitors also from the ranks of volunteer firefighters, who thus no longer have to take time off from work. Their attendance on Saturday will support the competition in the TFA disciplines (Toughest Firefighter Alive) in the “Presidium of the Moravian Fire-fighting Union Cup”.

An interesting new feature, a retail area with direct sales of displayed merchandise to visitors, gives exhibitors an opportunity to offer special clothing and footwear, personal protective equipment and accessories such as helmets, masks, goggles, backpacks and others. Sale of a particular product range is permitted even at the world's largest exhibitions of fire equipment and enjoys great popularity here. The retail area will certainly contribute to making PYROS more alive, which can thus become attractive for more companies.

Date: 22 Jan 2017 10:21:00

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