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Police purchases in 2017: hundreds of millions on cars, uniforms or vests


Police leadership wants to continue the massive renewal of its facilities in the coming year and plans to invest hundreds of millions CZK in new vehicles or other equipment for the police force. During 2017, acquisitions should include beside cars also bulletproof vests, weapons or hand-held laser radars.

Právo was told this by the Police Presidium spokeswoman Ivana Nguyenová, adding that the priorities for next year in this direction are based on what has not been purchased this year.

"We did not manage to buy police uniforms, service vehicles in the police version and ballistic panels. Both contracts will be repeated in 2017," said the spokesperson in this regard.

According to her, the Police management have prepared, for example, about 200 million CZK to purchase various uniform parts or accessories, 100 million CZK for ballistic protection and approximately the same amount is also counted on to replenish policemen’s armament.

"A priority in investing is also given to the purchase of vehicles in the police and commercial design," added Nguyenová. According to her, even motorbikes or handheld speedometers should be purchased and police also want to "pour" money into their radio communication systems or information systems, including the visa or foreigner [registration] systems.

The renovation of headquarters

The Police management is also planning to continue the extensive renovation of the former anti-mafia department headquarters at Zbraslav in Prague, where its successor, the department against organized crime now resides, they also want to focus on other renovations or construction of further buildings across the country.

Interior Minister Milan Chovanec (ČSSD) has "wheedled" nearly four billion crowns more for his department from the deputy prime minister and treasury manager Andrej Babiš (ANO) for next year compared to this year. Overall, the Interior will manage with nearly 64 billion Crowns.

Expenditure of the Police force itself amounted, according to official data of the Ministry, to more than half of the entire sixty-billion package in the year that just ended.

This year, for example, the Police have bought fast Audi cars, BMW motorbikes, a unique Tatra truck for pyrotechnic services or Skoda cars with alternative CNG fuel.

Source: novinky.cz

Date: 2 Jan 2017 09:31:00

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