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26.-29.5. 2021

International Fire Fighting Equipment and Services Fair



T-GORILLA – comprehensive protection against speakerphone
Today, everyone wants to know everything, but some people just want to know a little more about you! And often just what you do not want to give away, so we offer our comprehensive equipment that can protect your privacy, corporate and business secrets.
T-GORILLA device also serves as a complete prevention of and protection against industrial espionage.

ELIDE FIRE – fully automatic fire extinguishing system activation in a fire unattended
ELIDE FIRE is in contact with an open flame itself actively and reliably extinguish the flames. ELIDE FIRE is the easiest and most effective automatic fire extinguishing equipment which can reduce the risk of fire, while the resulting fire effectively addressed.

Plasic – repeller pests
For all clients civilian, military and government who seek environmentally friendly and humane way to protect your home and work environment, whether indoors or outdoors by pests such as birds, pigeons, snakes, flooded down dogs, cats, rodents,
a horse or deer offer in our online shop a variety of solutions. Our equipment is a quick and easy.

Jammer microphones INFRATORNADO – SIGINT.SK 2016
Jammer ultrasonic microphones INFRATORNADO – SIGINT.SK 2016 is a device operating on the interference of all known digital recorder including interference older recorders. The device works in the human ear inaudible frequencies. This is a support unit for the protection of speech in violation.



Date: 3 Jan 2017 12:53:00

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