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26.-29.5. 2021

International Fire Fighting Equipment and Services Fair

Better equipment for the police


In the context of fighting against terrorist threats and with increased emphasis on national security, a massive upgrade of police and customs officers’ equipment continues. Thanks to an increase in the budget, the Ministry of Interior is planning to invest hundreds of millions of Crowns in new vehicles, bulletproof vests, weapons or hand-held laser radars this year. They should also buy uniform parts and accessories, motorcycles, handheld speed meters, radio communication systems and new information systems. In the medium term the Czech Police plan to purchase multipurpose helicopters, all-terrain vehicles or optical devices.

Greater security of personnel is the objective of extensive investment of the Customs Administration. Customs officers carry out mobile monitoring checks and participate in dangerous activities in the field, e.g. against smugglers of drugs and counterfeit goods. At the same time they are expected to be involved in crisis situations when they can be deployed together with soldiers and the police, for example, to protect national borders. Their equipment, however, lags behind the current safety standards and must be modernized. The state will therefore over these two years purchase new guns, bulletproof vests and spectrometers for detection of explosives, poisons and drugs. Security systems at Václav Havel airport will also be modernized, including acquisition of advanced camera technology. An upgrade of the laser shooting range is prepared, where demanding intervention in crisis situations can be simulated; investment in new information systems should improve communication between the customs, police and secret services.

This year is also the first time with the Prison Service participating, as one of the largest armed forces in the country that plans extensive modernization.

Date: 18 Jan 2017 10:21:00

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