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29.5. - 1.6. 2019

International Fire Fighting Equipment and Services Fair

APOS BRNO s.r.o.

Evacuation sheet SKISHEET 3
allows non-ambulant individuals to be quickly and safely evacuated in event of an emergency. The sheet remains in place under the mattress at all times, allowing it to be instantly accessible. The three straps with metalic buckles are stored in pockets on the underside of the sheet. Once the straps have been accessed and secured the individual can then be slid off the bed using the head/foot end handles and taken to safety. Made from strong nylon, for a low friction resistance.

Evacuation pad SkiPad
has been designed for use in confined areas, where space is limited, such as congested hospital wards and buildings with narrow corridors or single width fire doors. In the event of an emergency is easily removed from it’s storage bag. The individual is quickly transferred to the Ski Pad and secured in place with seatbelt style straps. While being moved the individual is protected by a 5cm thick foam pad. The tough, slippery, vinyl coated base means that the pad moves easily over indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Flexible evacuation stretcher AlbacMat
can be used in an emergency to evacuate immobile people from such places as nursing homes, hospitals, airplanes, trains, pubs, clubs, schools and hotels in the event of a fire or similar emergency. Has a light weight supported vinyl sheet bonded to a polycarbonate flexible board. The board allows to glide over most types of surface including carpet, vinyl, concrete, bitumen and grass without building up heat. Three velcro straps restrain the individual while a foot pocket secures the feet.


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