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29.5. - 1.6. 2019

International Fire Fighting Equipment and Services Fair

APOS BRNO s.r.o.

HORIZONTAL OR VERTICAL EVACUATION? Use a ‘SKI’ Sheet for progressive horizontal evacuation and if the fire develops or the need arises, you have the means of moving non-ambulant patients quickly and easily down stairs and fire escapes to safety.

The AlbacMat is a flexible stretcher that can be used to evacuate patients from nursing homes, residential homes and hospitals. The AlbacMat consists of a red nylon sheet bonded to a polypropylene flexible board. The board allows the AlbacMat to glide over most types of surface including carpet, vinyl, concrete, bitumen and grass.

Bariatric EvacMat
The Bariatric EvacMat is designed to assist emergency services personnel or designated moving and handling staff to evacuate bariatric patients or people from locations such as a hospital ward or other public or private buildings in the event of an emergency.



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29.5. - 1.6. 2019

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