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22.-24.5. 2013

International Fair for Fire Fighting Equipment, Security Technology and Services



DuPont Thermo-Man®, thermal manikin testing system, comes to Pyros to evaluate flame resistance of turn-out-gear when exposed to temperatures reaching 1000ºC!

Have you ever wondered how fire fighters manage to get out of burning buildings unharmed? Chances are their clothing has been tested on Thermo-Man®, a life-sized manikin measuring the protective performance of garments and clothing systems for fire-fighters, industrial workers, military and police under realistic flash fire conditions that can reach temperatures the same as molten lava rock. It is one of the most advanced thermal burn injury evaluation devices in the world and it has been a basis for the development of test method standard ISO 13506.

Thermo-Man®, encased in a glass cabinet, is dressed in test garment that is then engulfed into flames. 122 heat sensors record the temperature rise on the surface of the manikin while a computer simulation program predicts how well that garment can protect the wearer against heat and flame injuries. It analyses the amount of predicted second and third degree burns, the location of these burns, the time taken to burn and a projection of the chance of survival.  Thermo-Man® also shows how DuPont Nomex®, a flame resistant fibre, reacts in a crisis.

Now you have a chance to see Thermo-Man® in action, for the first time LIVE in Czech Republic, and join us in celebrating the 20th anniversary of  DEVA F-M. s.r.o., DuPontNomex® Partner and leading protective garment manufacturer. Visit our outdoor stand between halls F and Z.


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