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8.-11.3. 2012

International Fair of Children's Products

75 thousand visitors came to see the varied range of goods at the springtime Exhibition Grounds


The traditional springtime trade fairs PRODÍTĚ and FISHING mainly appealed to families with children, fishermen, modellers and experts from these fields. Just like last year they were accompanied by the thematically linked trade fair from a different organiser ITEA Brno which offers toys and games. A complete novelty was a trade fair of private finance MONEY FAIR and the trade fair MOTOSALON ran concurrently. In the four days of the trade fairs, approximately 75 thousand people, who could see the exhibitions of all the trade fairs held, visited the Brno Exhibition Grounds. In comparison with the last year's exhibition there were much more foreign experts among the visitors. In the first three days 479 foreign visitors from Slovakia, Hungary and Poland bought their tickets to the trade fair PRODÍTĚ and the exhibition FISHING.

The ninth year of the trade fair PRODÍTĚ took place on an area of 4,521 m2 and presented the range of goods of exhibitors from four countries. It was the biggest exhibition of strollers, child car seats, textile goods and other products for children on the Czech and Slovak market. Besides other goods there were attractive novelties which are only heading to the sales network now. The first day was aimed mainly at experts and contract meetings, the biggest number of visitors came on Saturday when a lot of young families visited the exhibition.
A modelling presentation “Moving Models” which culminated in Saturday's tank and airplane “Battle of Midway” with pyrotechnical and sound effects was a great success.
A part of the trade fair was the supporting programme Children's World with shows, carnivals and attractions for little visitors. Among others there were shows by Zora Jandová and the Theatre of Eva Hrušková and Jan Přeučil. On Friday there was Nurseryfest 2012 with WALKODILE, which introduced a safe go-cart for pre-school children in the form of a fun competition.

The thirteenth sales exhibition FISHING completely filled pavilion F and on the area of 4,026 m2 gathered the offer of manufacturers and suppliers of fishing equipment from four countries. The newly conceived supporting programme appealed not only to the usual visitors but also to the new potential fishermen, including the youngest generation. Besides the traditional supporting exhibitions and lectures, brand new events such as a competition in breaking fishing rods or a children's carnival with a water theme took place. The fishermen could also meet celebrities like the actor Zdeněk Junák or the protagonist of the super-famous TV shows about fish Jakub Vágner. A gastronomic corner, where chefs prepared fish specialities and showed the visitors deboning and filleting of fish, was a big success as well. There were competitions for attractive prizes given to the contests by the exhibitors going on every day.
It was the second time at the FISHING exhibition that people voted for the best exhibit. The most votes and the award of TOP Exhibit of FISHING went to a carp special, which is presented by the company Sportcarp Vápeník and Šaravec. The second place in the internet vote went to the custom made rod Harrison – LK Baits and the third biggest number of votes went to a spiced fish boilie Spiceman of the company Mikbaits. In the new competition for the most attractive exposition the winner was the company Sportcarp Vápeník and Šaravec. 

Comments on the PRODÍTĚ fair

Daniela Rovenská, Regional Representative of the company CORD BLOOD CENTER:
This is our second time at the PRODÍTĚ trade fair and the point of our exhibition is to let mothers now about the possibility of cord blood collection. Not only pregnant women, but also parents who already have one child an plan on having another one, come to our stand. Last year a number of mothers took our information materials and later registered with us, so our participation was very successful.

Radim Solnický, Executive Director of the company ANDYS:
This year is our fifth year exhibiting at the PRODÍTĚ trade fair because we want to introduce the mothers to our range of goods and also novelties which cannot be found in the shops yet. We also get mothers who don't know our selection yet or only know it through the internet, but here they can touch the goods and try them out. And, of course, we deal with tradesmen, who visit this trade fair mainly from Moravia and Slovakia. The goal is to gain new business partners and to expand the sales network so that our goods get to as many mothers as possible.

Damian Malaczyňski, Executive Director of the company DD-VIP-ENTERPRISSE, Co.:
This is our first year exhibiting in Brno and we present a novelty here – the Gelli Baff bath jelly, which has only been on the Czech market since last August. That's why we want to introduce it to parents and children, who are usually fascinated by it. It can be seem that the customers are more and more interested as the days of the trade fair go by. We are here to make new business contacts which we succeeded in.

David Forgáč, manager of the company SPRINGFREE for the Czech Republic and Central Europe:
We exhibit here the safest trampolines in the world. Since it is a relatively new and expensive product, it is necessary for the people to see it with their own eyes and understand why it is good. At the PRODÍTĚ trade fair we appeal mainly to clients from Moravia, visitors look at our trampolines here and can try them out. Our participation definitely has a point because after last year a number of people, who tried our trampolines out at this trade fair, contacted us.

Jan Veit, owner of the company Jan Veit – SPORT:
This is our fifth year exhibiting at the PRODÍTĚ trade fair. We have a constant range of children's and swimming goggles, which people have been interested in for several years. We make contact with businessmen here because we deliver our goods not only to opticians but also to shops with children's goods. And because this is a sales trade fair, we also aim our presentation at end clients. We are content here and happy with the attendance.

Comments on the FISHING exhibition

Lukáš Krása, owner of the company LK Baits:
Every year we bring novelties for the next season to FISHING, mainly our own custom-made fishing rods and carp baits, but also other goods which we distribute to the Czech market. But the most important thing for us here is to meet our loyal customers, who come to Brno mainly from Moravia and Slovakia.

Zdeněk Vaněk, owner of the company RYBOLOV, Co.:
We exhibit here every year because we like to show our range of goods to our customers. However, we are a wholesale business and we would rather sell our goods to shops than to end clients, but we don't have much time for tradesmen here. The point of our participation here is mainly to present ourselves, it is necessary to be here and to promote the brands which we sell. We think that the exhibition is aimed at the right group of people. Over the years the visitors have learnt that FISHING takes place at this time of the year and they can see things, which they would never see put together anywhere else.

Václav Freylich, Chief Executive Officer of the company FISH-PRO, CO. - brand MIVARDI:
We exhibit at FISHING every year and we extend our exposition in the same way that we extend our range of goods. I think that both we and our customers are content here. We are probably the biggest Czech company concerning fishing and our range of goods is so big that at least once a year we need to show the customers our complete offer. And, of course, we sell here, because FISHING is a sales exhibition. We don't usually have any shortage of customers and it has been the same this year.

Jakub Vágner, fisherman:
Where else should fishermen meet than in Brno at the FISHING exhibition which is big even in a European scale. For me it is a wonderful opportunity to meet fishermen in such great numbers. Fishing and its technology have been incredibly modernized in the past few years so at this exhibit we can see a lot of things which can improve our fishing technique.

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