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8.-11.3. 2012

International Fair of Children's Products

Practical Child Care with BABYMOOV


The French brand BABYMOOV is known for its original multifunctional products, which save the parents both time and space and are remarkable for their high quality and safety. At the PRODÍTĚ trade fair they are presented by the company ANDYS, who brought a complete novelty to Brno: the first 3in1 bathtub which can also be used as a scale.

DIGIBATH is a unique children's bathtub with an integrated scale, which will check the water temperature for you and at the same time weigh the baby. The bathtub is anatomically shaped, equipped with an LCD display and, of course, made from harmless materials. It is a world patent which is having its Czech and Slovak premier at PRODÍTĚ and should appear in Czech shops this May. “The BABYMOOV brand specializes in practical products, which make child care easier for the mothers in such a way that they can spend as much time as possible with the baby itself. These products are not only made in France by BABYMOOV, but also developed by the company,” said Radim Solnický, the Executive Director of ANDYS, who has been supplying the Czech market with BABYMOOV products for five years. “With the 3in1 bathtub the parents don't need to buy an extra scale or a water thermometer. Neither do they have to place the baby on the cold surface of a typical scale but they weigh their baby in nice, warm water,” says Radim Solnický about the benefits of the novelty. The DIGIBATH bathtub is designed for children from birth to one year of age and the scale shows weight up to 30 kg.

Another interesting novelty from the French brand BABYMOOV is a multifunctional device for cooking for babies NUTRIBABY which has been available in the Czech Republic for the past three months. This useful helper can not only prepare the food in steam, so that the food does not lose any of the nutritive values or vitamins, but also defrost, mix, heat baby bottles with milk and sterilize. The product, which is controlled by a clearly organized LCD display, has won two international awards. “We are getting very good feedback on NUTRIBABY. The mothers appreciate its practicality, it sits on the kitchen base unit and does not take much space. And mainly they only have to buy one device for easy and healthy cooking for their baby,” Radim Solnický points out. The product is appreciated by mothers who are interested in healthy steam cooking: here they can cook more food at the same time in two separate baskets. “The BABYMOOV brand has a lot of experience with multifunctional cooking devices and in NUTRIBABY it shows. Czech mothers did not use to be used to these helpers, but nowadays they are getting used to them and the number of sold products is increasing,” says the owner of the company ANDYS.

The Czech distributor also represents other brands such as the American “Sunshine Kids”, who sell practical car seat and stroller accessories, or the fashion brand “Baby Jeans” for mothers who prefer jeans fashion. “This year is our fifth year exhibiting at the PRODÍTĚ trade fair because we want to introduce the mothers to our range of goods and also novelties which cannot be found in the shops yet. We also get mothers who don't know our selection yet or only know it through the internet, but here they can touch the goods and try them out. And, of course, we deal with tradesmen, who visit this trade fair mainly from Moravia and Slovakia. The goal is to gain new business partners and to expand the sales network so that our goods get to as many mothers as possible,” explained Radim Solnický.

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