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5.-8.3. 2020

Child Products Fair

The Child Products Fair Prodítě introduced trends for the Czech market


The last four days saw two of the Brno Exhibition Centre’s pavilions bustling with energetic trading activity, accompanied by an entertaining and educational supporting programme. In comparison to last year, the area occupied by stands has increased in size to 6,300 m2 and the number of exhibitors has risen to 95. The exhibitors came from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary. The contracting and sales fair Prodítě and the sales presentation Woman’s World were held separately for the first time; however, this did not stop them from attracting a large interest from the public. In the four days of the fair, more than 15 thousand visitors explored the companies’ expositions.

The child and mother products fair Prodítě solidified its position as the most important contracting platform in the industry for the Czech and Slovak market. The exhibitors came to Brno with a full selection of child products, including brand new models and many of the innovations planned for this season, be it new solutions in technology, materials, or design. This unique presentation was visited by buyers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia as well as by future or new parents, for whom the organizers prepared a special selection of goods they could explore, try out, or even buy right on the spot. The trade fair included a rich supporting programme for visitors of all ages. The stage featured, for instance, the clown theatre MIMO or the singer Jakub Děkan. However, the shows My Little Pony and Transformers, which took place on Saturday, were by far the most popular.

It was the second time the exhibition centre hosted Woman’s World, the sales presentation focused on becoming a beautiful and happy woman. A wide collection of cosmetics, fashion, healthy diet foods, and other healthy lifestyle essentials was accompanied by a supporting programme of lectures. At any point during the exhibition, the visitors had the opportunity to get a free haircut, hairstyle and make-up inside the Proměna (Change) exposition. On Thursday, the newly organised Czech Young Hairdressers and Beauticians Championship HARMONIE took place, with young talents competing in five different categories.

The next Child Products Fair Prodítě and sales presentation Woman’s World will take place from the 14th to the 17th of March 2019.

What they said about the trade fairs

Petr Horáček, Product Manager of the company Baby Direkt s. r. o.:
In Brno, we exhibit our models every year. This year’s Prodítě is deserving of our positive rating, the number of visitors was quite high despite the bad weather. We presented our new models to the traders, but being in touch with our end consumers is no less important to us, as we can directly see how they react to our products and it makes us happy to see them satisfied.

Máté Vas, Sales Director, Faktum Bútor Ltd. (Hungary):
For me personally, this was the first time at Prodítě, and I can say that the first day alone saw as many visitors as a shorter trade fair in Hungary. From the reactions of the people that have stopped at our stand, it was obvious that they really liked our furniture.

Zora Machová, CEO of the company FOR BABY, spol. s r. o.:
We returned to the trade fair in Brno three years ago with the goal of introducing new brands of baby-carriages that we import to the Czech market. Here, we can present them as a compact collection, which is crucial. This year, both the traders and the end consumers really liked what we had to offer: for example, the Lithuanian brand Tutis was a major success with its fantastic value for money. We are pleased with the trade fair as a whole and are glad to have been here.

Kamil Bojanovský, KENYO, spol. s r. o.:
We come here every year and we try to show our Czech customers the best the brands that we represent have to offer. As importers and distributors, we are satisfied with the attendance and the contracts we arranged, as almost all of our business partners from Czech Republic and Slovakia were present.

Martina Tregler, co-owner of the company BeeMy:
Most people come here because of the baby-carriages, and it shows in the demand for our textile goods. We approach traders as well, but primarily, we exhibit for the visitors, who can buy our goods right here at our stand. All things considered, we are satisfied with the attendance.

Jan Zaplatílek, Head of IT and Marketing, PATRON Bohemia a. s.:
Although the weather conditions were unfortunate this year, the interest of the public was quite high, especially on Saturday. The trade fair’s organization was professional, but I think that it should take place in a different, more modern pavilion. Our company was successful and the visitors showed a large interest in our products, so we rate the fair positively.

Jakub Bílek, Sales Expert, INTREA-PIKO, s. r. o. – Yedoo brand:
We have been making scooters under the Czech brand Yedoo since 2009, and we are regular exhibitors at this trade fair. For us, it is a good way of advertising our brand and making it better known. We sell our goods right at our stands, which is convenient, because we can describe our products to the customers and explain the benefits our scooters have over the competition.

Jaroslav Makyča, Consultant of the company Oriflame:
I like Woman’s World, many people come here and they are exactly the customers that we are aiming towards with our work. We do not sell our products here, but instead we present the cosmetic brand Oriflame and offer discounts, while the customer can choose to have our professional make-up artist take care of her. Overall I am pleased, new people have signed up into the Oriflame Club and we have contacted many of those who are interested in our cosmetics.

Andrea Opičková, Event Manager of the company Zdravé stravování:
This is the second time we exhibit in Brno. Zdravé stravování delivers prepackaged food for everyone, we have various diet programmes, and here at the stand we offer nutrition counseling, measurement on the inBody machine, and a discount for the first order. We are seeing a large interest in our work, the people enjoy our food and many are even starting to choose us over our competition.

Lada Vyvialová, Fashion Designer, LADA fashion:
We are here to attract end customers and grow our clientele, but at the same time to contact traders dealing with pregnancy and maternity products. To us, Woman’s World is mostly an advertising endeavor, but we have had success in selling, too.

Jarmila Krahulcová, Stylist, Style by YaYa:
This trade fair is perfect for mothers-to-be. At Woman’s World, I saw many happy faces who found there what they were looking for, be it a baby-carriage or general advice regarding pregnancy. I have learned many important things - which I previously had had no idea about - from the lectures myself. Judging by the attendants’ reactions, they have learned something interesting from my lectures about fashion, too.

Date: 18 Mar 2018 15:00:00

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