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9.-11.3. 2018

International Eye Optics, Optometry and Ophthalmology Fair

Product Categories


      1. Spectacle frames
      2. Sunglasses, sun clips
      3. Sports, protective, working, special – magnifying glasses
      4. Childrens’ spectacles
      5. Correction spectacle lenses
      6. Contact lenses and solutions
      7. Sun lenses and glasses
      8. Cleaning agents for spectacle lenses
      9. Components, spare parts for glasses
      10. Magnifying glasses and aids for the poorly eyesighted
      11. Opera glasses, binoculars and microscopes, equipment for night vision
      12. Barometers, thermometers
      13. Aural equipment
      14. Spectacle cases, suitcases, chains – spectacle accesories
      15. Spectacle cosmetics, jewellery
      16. Machines for the production of contact lenses and spectacles, the technology of optical production
      17. Optometric aids, machinery and equipment
      18. Furniture for dispensing opticians
      19. Equipment, apparatuses, tools and materials for dispensing opticians
      20. Safety technology for dispensing opticians’ shops and optical goods
      21. Organisational aids, racks, decorations, price tags for shops and workshops
      22. Computing technology for dispensing opticians
      23. Ophthalmological diagnostic and therapeutic appliances
      24. Equipment for ophthalmic outpatients’ departments
      25. Equipment for ophthalmic surgeries
      26. Pharmaceutics for ophthalmology
      27. Consumer material
      28. Literature, education, consultation in the field of optics and ophthalmology
      29. Financial services, leasing, promotion
      30. Institutions, organisations, associations

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