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20.-22.3. 2015

International Eye Optics, Optometry and Ophthalmology Fair

Mirror coatings


Exhibit: Mirror coatings
Location: Hall B, st. 34
Manufacturer: POL d.o.o.
Exhibitor: POL OPTIC, spol. s r.o.



Collection of Mirror Coatings was developed in response to the demands of glasses wearers who ask their opticians for prescription sunglasses with look as trendy present fashionable sunglasses with mirror.

Customers can choose from 6 Full color mirror mirror layers (strongly mirror layers) Blue, Green, Red, Red Fire (red-orange), Gold and Silver, and from 2 Light Mirror  in Gold and Silver colors.

Mirror Coating packet contains a Mirror coating on the lens front surface, Anti-Reflective coating from back side and double-sided Hard coat and Hydrophobic layer. Mirror Coatings can be applied on allmost all lenses made from organic materials from offer of  POL Optic.


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