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20.-22.3. 2015

International Eye Optics, Optometry and Ophthalmology Fair

PasKal 3D


Exhibit: PasKal 3D
Location: Hall B, st. 23
Manufacturer: IPRO GmbH
Exhibitor: Metzler International s.r.o.



PasKal 3D system for modern experiential 3 D refraction. Using the PasKal 3D system for vision correction is a new experience for customers, as well as an interesting alternative to the optometrist to replace the classical charts. Modern method for measuring optical correction using 3D technology. A pleasant experience for the client with great comfort. The measured correction is more accurate and more comfortable for everyday use. Clients experience better and faster adaptation to the measured correction. PasKal 3D replaces and complements the existing convertional devices for measuring refraction, etc. optotypes. Throughout the measurement and testing, the brain is forced to work and compose the image seen. What it performs as an everyday routine, the brain also performs during vision correction testing using PasKal 3D technology.


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