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20.-22.3. 2015

International Eye Optics, Optometry and Ophthalmology Fair

OPTA 2015 in figures


  •  150 exhibiting companies from 20 countries of which 88 from abroad, i.e. 59%
  • 2,611 m2 net exhibition area, 450 m2 other demonstration area
  • 5,637 visitors from 17 countries of which 519 from abroad, i.e. 9,2%

What they said about the trade fair


Jana Čierna, Executive Head at Sagitta:
This year's OPTA was a great success, After some weaker years, we notice customers are coming back and showing their interest. There are more exhibition stands and at the same time, they are nicely innovated. I see the trade fair positively, we are also satisfied with our own results. This year, we came here with a new concept; we exhibit together with two other companies and we have an education space for customers here, which they greatly appreciated.

Petr Vrubel, CEO at Optika Čivice:
We have always perceived OPTA in a positive way because it gives us the opportunity to meet many customers. We do not do business here, but we establish new business friendships and affirm the existing ones. That is why I would like OPTA to stay as it is now. It seems that times when there were some notions that perhaps OPTA should take place only once in two years passed because this year, no one said a word about it. I believe that OPTA will prevail into the future as well and it is certainly good that eye optics can be presented in such an exhibition - it is very important for our field.

Kateřina Ševcová, Marketing and Product Manager at Essilor:
As exhibitors, we are very happy with this year's OPTA. We found it livelier than in previous years and our stand was almost always crowded, so I am very happy. We had many visitors and many new interesting business opportunities. I can add one entirely unobjective measurement - almost twice as much coffee as last year has been drunk this year at our stand! We are glad to have been here.

Radek Adolt, Owner of Ardix:
We like this year's OPTA very much. The visitor rate was very good, especially on Saturday, as usual. Although we won't get economic results until after the fair, we are able to say that we are satisfied today already. We have made new business relationships here, deepened the existing ones and OPTA generally fulfilled our expectations.

Alice Tobolková, Executive Head at Aglaja:
I evaluate this year's OPTA positively. We like the new term, the visitor rate was higher than last year, visitors also showed greater interest in innovations. Business was great as well, we are very happy.

Pavel Halabica, Marketing and Sales Manager at Mr. Gain:
In our opinion, this year's OPTA was certainly bigger and more successful than the previous one. This is thanks to the change to the March term, when the weather is more favourable; either way, more visitors came to our stand than before. All in all, we feel great about this run.

Jiří Plesník, Sales Manager at Vision Care for the Czech Republic and Slovakia at Alcon Pharmaceuticals:
This year's OPTA was great, we won a Top Opta award for our product and the visitor rate was much higher than in previous runs. We also felt that customers were in a better mood, too. Maybe it's the March term and beautiful weather. And there were still many people even at Sunday noon, which is unprecedented. We are truly satisfied.

Marek Hlavenka, Sales Manager at Vision Care for the Czech Republic and Slovakia at Safilo:
OPTA was excellent this year - superb! We are satisfied and I am not only talking about numbers. The fair got a new impulse this year, a new dimension and I am very glad that happened. And of course, I would like to thank everyone for cooperation: exhibitors, the Association of Czech Opticians and Optometrists, Slovak Optical Union and Trade Fairs Brno - we made it.

Andrea Uhraková, Marketing Specialist at Finest Trade:
This year's OPTA was certainly better than the fair last year, including the fair term. There were more visitors and we evaluate the fair positively in general, we are satisfied in terms of business as well.

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