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14.-16.2. 2014

International Fair for Eye Optics, Optometry and Ophthalmology

AMBG, LTD s.r.o.


AMBG, LTD s.r.o. was founded in 1991 and is a company engaged in the distribution of optical frames and sunglasses on the market of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. We represent the world-famous suppliers such as Tag Heuer, Morel and Julbo. AMBG, LTD s.r.o. also offers its own product line of Visible spectacle frames, which are based on creativity with elements of extravagance, whether in terms of design, colour, shape or materials used. Our aim is to apply new trends and satisfy the fashion needs of various customers. Find us on WWW.AMBG.CZ

In 2013, AMBG expanded to represented the luxury sports brand Tag Heuer. Tag Heuer is a prestigious brand, made in France, in the city of Morez in the Jura region and has been offering unmatched comfort, luxury and the latest technology since 2002.

Tag Heuer is synonymous with tradition, craftsmanship, exclusivity, quality, ergonomics and sporty design. Its wide portfolio of products provides optical glasses, sunglasses, glasses suitable for night control with Night Vision technology. It uses the finest materials: 316 L+ Stainless steel, B-Titanium, Carbon, Elastomer, leather. More information about the Tag Heuer brand can be found here:


Ask for it at your opticians.

AMBG offers original, distinctive and modern spectacle frames of their Visible brand that will catch your eye with its colourfulness and distinctive design, which gives the entire collection a real spark. These glasses are for those who like to change their image with new modern accessories and are not afraid of change. Age is irrelevant in this case. Are not you afraid of colours? Visible will become your favourite brand.

The new Visible collection called Avantgarde Visible represents a particularly distinctive modern design, which is designed for women who do not mind attention. The magic of these glasses is hidden in a distinctive design that is highlighted by those bravest colours that nature itself shows off. The collection combines mainly metal and acetate with unlimited shapes. These glasses are incredibly stylish and timeless.

The extensive French family of Morel Lunettes whom we represent also includes the unusual ladies’ Koali brand. Koali is the name of a Hawaiian plant, which is the symbol of womanhood. You will indeed mostly appreciate the wonderful colours and shapes that our eyes find in nature itself. The collection combines mainly metal and acetate with unlimited creativity. Koali is femininity impersonated. This brand is designed for women who are looking for glasses that highlight and accentuate their personality. The design of the Koali brand is based on natural motifs of fauna and flora.

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