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22.-24.2. 2013

International Fair for Eye Optics, Optometry and Ophthalmology

Awarded exhibits TOP OPTA 2013


FEB31st, model Ara
31 Febbrario srl, Via Magrom 3, 24012 Brembila (BG), Itálie, www.feb31st.it
Funforsun s.r.o., Trojanova 354/4, 12000 Praha 2, www.feb31st.cz, +420 608 818 298
Hall B, stand 047
Luxury Italian wooden glasses FEB31st are from 13 layers of popler. Glasses are considered as glasses for demanding customer who can choose color of each layer according to his taste and can have for example his own sign engraved into the temple. Frames are covered by special oil protecting the glasses against sweat and outside weather conditions. Besides dioptries there can be put also different types of sun glasses into the frame.

Alcon Pharmaceuticals, s.r.o., Budova Gemini B, Na Pankráci 1724/129, 140 00 Praha 4, Czech Republic
Alcon Pharmaceuticals, s.r.o., Budova Gemini B, Na Pankráci 1724/129, 140 00 Praha 4, Czech Republic
Hall B, stand 62
OPTI-FREE® PureMoist®  is the only multipurpose desinfecting solution with unique hydrating matrix HydraGlyde®, which provides 16hour moisture to the contact lenses. HydraGlyde® embeds itself on the lens surface to keep contacts hydrated throughout the day, delivering comfort from insertion to removal.The dual disinfectants POLYQUAD® and ALDOX® act against harmful microorganisms including bacteria, fungi and acanthamoeba. OPTI-FREE® PureMoist® Contact Solution reduces lipid deposition and removes protein deposits helping contact lenses stay clean and feel fresh.

Compact 4 HD
Optelec B.V. , Breslau 4, 2993 LT Barendrecht, The Netherlands, www.optelec.eu
Spektra v.d.n, Zátišská 1914/1, 143 00 Praha 4, T 241 774 674 až 5, www.spektra.eu
Hall B, stand 042
The Compact 4 HD is a stylish, high definition electronic magnifier in a portable size with a screen 4.3" and with adjustable zoom 1.7-12x. Read from your hand or use the magnifier in combination with the detachable stand which is easy to grip and slide effortlessly over letter, books, magazines and photographs. On the detachable stand its screen sits at a comfortable viewing angle.

ImpressionIST® 3
Rodenstock GmbH, Německo, www.rodenstock.com
Rodenstock ČR s.r.o., Dr. Sedláka 841, 339 01 Klatovy, www.rodenstock.cz
Hall B, stand 028
In the future, the path to the best spectacles will always go via ImpressionIST® 3. This is because it provides the best spectacles consulting and measurement that there has ever been. With three different versions and an independent consulting unit, the ImpressionIST® 3 is fl exible like no other video centring system. As a representative eye-catcher, the free-standing version rouses interest immediately. The space-saving wall version slips into your shop elegantly without taking up any space in the shop. As an additional, practical variation, the tabletop version provides all the benefits despite its small footprint. ImpressionIST® 3 is controlled by an independent consulting unit, a touchscreen PC. The acquired data can be retrieved by multiple consulting stations. That way, you and your employees can serve multiple customers at the same time.

OPTA 2013

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