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24.-26.2. 2012

International Fair for Eye Optics, Optometry and Ophthalmology

Essilor: Fogged-up glasses are a thing of the past – Essilor has a permanent solution

The company Essilor is presenting its Optifog spectacle lenses, which prevent the formation of fogging when moving from the cold into the warm, at the OPTA 2012 trade fair.

This new product solves a problem that bothers all spectacle wearers, particularly at the colder times of the year, though also during cooking, sport and so on. All the optician has been able to offer customers to date are the kind of surface preparations that are either effective for just a short period of time and demand repeated application or that remain stuck to the lenses making subsequent cleaning more difficult. Now a new solution is available from the company Essilor, which is introducing its Optifog Activator onto the market (a viscous liquid that effectively prevents the formation of fogging), along with its new Optifog spectacle lenses, which have a surface specially adapted in production to which Optifog Activator adheres strongly, thanks to which Optifog spectacle lenses fight against fogging during everyday use for as much as a week with no need for further activation. This new product was first presented at the world optics exhibition Silmo Paris in October 2011, where it won the Silmo d’Or Gold Palm for technical achievement.

The company Essilor is preparing a larger exhibition stand for this year’s OPTA trade fair, where it will also be presenting a number of other new products, including Mr. Orange edging equipment, which is characterised by an entirely new concept to its approach to edging and by greater user convenience.


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