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9.-11.3. 2018

International Eye Optics, Optometry and Ophthalmology Fair

The Market of Eye Optics Is Growing


The field is having a boom. Profits in Czech eye optics are growing, the number of stores on the market is increasing and the OPTA trade fair shows that companies in the field believe in successful future.

The OPTA fair moved into a bigger exhibition hall and the generous approach to exhibition stands demonstrates the exhibitors’ optimism. Ivan Vymyslický – an optician, optometrist and forensic expert – sees this as a sign of a positive development in the field that is having a period of prosperity. “A bigger Hall suits the trade fair well. Some exhibition stands got bigger, some companies came back to the fair and the exhibits look like the exhibitors went all out. All this shows that the companies believe in a brighter future,” said Ivan Vymyslický, who has been watching the Czech eye optics market for a long time. He finds the optimism of companies also in the fact that they are far more willing to invest into marketing and employee education today than ever before.

Growth is influenced by two main factors. The Czech population is getting older and there are more and more people in the age where eye optics services are necessary. An increasing number of customers is coming into eye optics and the advantageous economic situation allows them to be willing to spend more. “The period between purchases of new glasses, which was long in the period of economic crisis, is shortening. Another piece of good news is that customers are also willing to pay more for higher quality. They are not so susceptible to marketing actions that only work on a part of clientele, but most people actively seek high-quality services, a broader range of merchandise, prettier or brand eye glass frames and so on,” describes Ivan Vymyslický who also thinks now is the perfect time to open new optics, even though the Czech market seems to be relatively saturated.

Last year, profits in the field of eye optics exceeded CZK 4 billion, and have been growing by 4-6% in recent years. “We estimate there are about 1,600 eye optics stores in the Czech Republic, so the penetration is higher than in Germany or Spain, for example. We have the perfect competitive environment here. As far as design is concerned, we are still more conservative and fashion trends take longer to get to us. However, we do offer the best technologies; we are certainly not lacking in this respect,” thinks Vymyslický. It would be beneficial for the field if the system of compensations and health insurance changed, as it has been rigid for years. “The amount of health benefits is ridiculous. It would be better if people in the productive age didn’t get anything and the support only targeted those who need it -  children, elderly or clients with high eyeglass prescription.”

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