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Fair for Sustainable Living in the Landscape

Conference on Climate Change – Threat or Opportunity for our Landscape


On Thursday May 11, 2017, as part of the accompanying programme for NATUR EXPO BRNO the conference Climate Change – Threat of Opportunity for our Landscape will be taking place. The conference is being held by the Global Change Research Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences in cooperation with the Mendel University in Brno and the State Land Office. The conference participants are top scientists concerned with the development of the climate and especially its impact on agriculture, as well as senior politicians and representatives from academia, and those invited will also include leaders from municipalities. Topics covered will include basic information on the impact of climate change and possible adaptations, and that primarily to one of the biggest threats from the changing climate, which is drought. The new information portals www.klimatickazmena.cz and www.intersucho.cz will be introduced.  The conclusions of the General Water Management Plan for the Landscape of the Czech Republic and the results of the Balance of Water Resources for Agricultural Irrigation will be presented.

Date: 21 Feb 2017 12:52:00

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