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11.-14.5. 2017

Fair for Sustainable Living in the Landscape

Accompanying programme of NATUR EXPO BRNO


  • The biological carbon pump and its effect on climate change
  • When does it bloom? Or the impact of climate change, phenology and voluntary monitoring of vegetation
  • KONFERENCE: Climate Change – Threat or Opportunity for our Landscape
  • Revitalisation of watercourses
    Povodí Moravy
  • Flood prevention measures
    Povodí Moravy
  • New dams v. retention of water in the soil
    Povodí Moravy
  • Legislation for municipalities and town – focused on municipalities being better informed about prepared projects and possible grants
    Povodí Moravy
  • Ecosystems and society
  • Forecasting system to protect vineyards
  • Lack of water as a security risk
  • Responsible water management
  • Maintaining the landscape and the influence of climate change on the countryside – focused mainly on the issues of drought and flooding
    Sdružení vodohospodářů ČR
  • Monitoring drought, anti-erosion measures, equipment of the year project, water-management structures and their financing
    Státní pozemkový úřad
  • Good practices – implemented projects - MASK Strážnicko
    South Moravian Region
  • Specific problems of the South Moravian Region
    South Moravian Region
  • Plan for development of water mains and sewers in the South Moravian Region
    South Moravian Region
  • Development programme for public administration
    South Moravian Region
  • Marking trails
    Klub českých turistů
  • Waste management for municipalities, towns and micro-regions
    Via Alta
  • Intersucho, CzechAdapt
  • Program 2020, protecting against torrents, grant programmes
    Lesy ČR
  • Water conservation and water management
    VLS ČR
  • Water and agriculture is not obvious!
    Agrární komora
  • Infiltration of water into the soil
    Zemědělský svaz ČR
  • Consumption of water in food production
    Zemědělský svaz ČR
  • Precision agriculture
    Zemědělský svaz ČR
  • Waste management – use of bio-waste, biogas stations and composting in municipalities

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