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National show of livestock
11.-14.5. 2017

National show of livestock

Statistical data - National show of livestock and ANIMAL TECH 2017

The National Show of Livestock, held at the grounds of The Brno Trade Fair, for the fifth time in a row once again cemented the high quality of livestock production in the Czech Republic. This year it has also been premiered in conjunction with the ANIMAL TECH International Fair of Animal Production, the Fair for Sustainable Living in the Landscape NATUR EXPO BRNO and the National Game-keeping Show. This new concept, by focusing on animal production and care of the landscape, has raised the interest of professionals which was reflected in high attendance: 37,447 visitors from 33 countries passed through the gates of the fair ground. The National Show of Livestock was for the first time held separately from the PROPET exhibition.

Exhibitors 188 from 9 countries *
Visitors 37 447 from 33 countries **

* Belgium, The Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia and Spain

** Austria, Belgium, The Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Iraq, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland,
Saudi Arabia and Slovakia

Commercially Occupied Area 6 282 m2
Area Occupied with Livestock
(900 animals from 300 breeders)
17 450 m2
Total Exhibition Area 23 732 m2



Marian Jurečka, Minister of Agriculture
In the performance parameters for livestock, specifically milk and meat production, the Czech Republic belongs among the ten best countries in the world. Looking at what our farmers and our ancestors have achieved, I am very proud. Looking at the nobility of our animals, I have to say that we are a real leader, and I am saying this after three years of travelling around a large part of the globe looking at agricultural practice in about forty different countries. Originally a national exhibition it has now achieved the format of a prestigious international exhibition, where foreign visitors can see more than 900 top examples of livestock. I have had the opportunity to interact with eight foreign delegations and each one of these foreign guests were impressed at the high quality of the national exhibition in the Czech Republic. They were surprised at the top class genetic material on offer and at the condition of the farm animals exhibited. I am happy about this, because in that way the exhibition fulfils its purpose not only for us in the Czech Republic but also as a fantastic presentation abroad and for promoting exports.

Josef Kučera, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bohemian- Moravian Breeders‘ organizations
We have historically, for the first time, come across the National Show of Livestock. The Czech Republic is at the forefront of exporting genetic material and our animals are being applied in a large number of foreign markets. Evidence of this can be seen in the abundant participation of foreign guests here in Brno where we show them the long-term results of the work of our breeders.

David Lipovský, Czech-Moravian Breeders Association, organizer of livestock exhibitions
This is the first time that an exhibition of livestock, along with an accompanying program, is running independently. I’m pleasantly surprised at the number of visitors that the first year alone has brought. Perhaps we have paved way for a good tradition. Seeing visitors’ interest this year, I think the current exhibitors will once again return and those that have come only to see what was on offer might one day participate even more actively.

Jiří Motyčka, Executive Director of the Holstein Cattle Breeders’ Association
We are fond of this exhibition and so are breeders, which is why they actively participate in it. The exhibition area is wonderful and provides an excellent service including accommodation and catering for veterinarians. I must say that the organizers of the exhibition do a good job. The Bohemian-Moravian Breeders’ Association is usually under a lot of pressure when organizing anything new, and I am glad that the immediate organizational burden, in this case, is taken off us.This year‘s participation of Holstein cattle breeders, in my opinion, is comparable to previous years.

Richard Konrád, Association of Sheep and Goat Breeders, Co-organizer of the exhibition
The Association of Sheep and Goat Breeder has prepared a beautiful selection of breeds for the exhibition, registered as Czech breeds. We were satisfied with the participation. Our stall was lively with people are asking a lot of questions so we consulted, advised and provided information. In this way it can be seen how participation in an exhibition of this format is beneficial in the area of breeding sheep and goats.

Kamil Malát, Director, Czech Association of Meat Cattle Breeders
The exhibition just ended – and what a great ending it was. For us it’s a breeders’ honeymoon. We had 360 animals, 21 meat breeds, around 80 breeders and 30 juniors. These numbers show that it is really the case that this is an important exhibition, which we value and which breeders take very seriously. The quality of animals increases year after year which tens of foreign guests have confirmed both in the role of visitors and of judges that sat in on competitive championships. Many foreign guests were captivated by the Czech quality, wanted to buy cattle and form a working relationship. Such interest did not develop from itself but came from the honest work of breeders working for decades and that have attended numerous exhibitions like this one.

Pavel Král, Director, the Association of Breeders of Czech Pork Cattle
I think that the newly formed co-operation between BVV and the Czech-Moravian Breeders’ Association was a step in the right direction. ČMSCH (Czech-Moravian Breeders, Inc.) as a guarantor of the exhibition was received very well, equally as the very concept was at the previous TECHAGRO fair, where we pragmatically alternated with Holstein breeders. A small part of our breeds were there to be seen throughout the exhibition and concerned livestock from the Veterinary High School of Lanškroun which, among others, had the Fleckvieh and Cervinky breeds on display. Today’s competition took place with 27 different animals, which is more than last time, and the audience response was positive. We are tempted to proclaim that a potential champion for 2019 is among our breeds and already here at the trade fair in Brno.

Ivan Řezáč, specialist pig breeder, Sano Company – Modern Animal Nutrition
We exhibit in Brno every year because we want to be seen. The combination of a livestock exhibition with the technology and products for livestock production is, in my opinion, the right step and also interesting. This year I was pleasantly surprised at the overall level of the exhibition which goes up year after year. I must also appraise the animals on exhibit that are of a very high quality, we saw fantastic specimens which were the apple of any breeders’ eye.

Miroslav Duda, Executive Director of TREWIT
We exhibit in Brno every year. The fair is bigger than in previous years and this makes it more important for us as breeders - our customers - come here directly. This year I am very satisfied; for the first two days I couldn’t leave the stand because we were constantly crowded with people. I like the fact that we share the exhibition hall with animals and that there are so many of them.

Marek Fikejs, product manager, STROM PRAHA
We understand that space for agricultural technology needs to be freed up at the TECHAGRO fair because of the enormous pressure exerted on the ground. We think that the National Show of Livestock is a step in the right direction and we see this year’s show in a very positive light. The fair is also a promotion of agriculture but there is a need to uphold its professional character. This is so that it remains linked to agriculture and eliminates pointless stands which make more of a pilgrimage out of the exhibition as opposed to offering a professionally focused exhibit. For us this year is like the latter of the two, and distinguished customers visit our stall. We will certainly be back in two years’ time.

Kateřina Nucová, Director of GENSEMEX
Our company mainly focuses on the breeding of Holstein cattle and I think that, from the point of view of a breeder of this breed, the exhibition was very nice. It was also nice that on Thursday there was the Brown Swiss competition and on Saturday the Jersey competition, so the events weren’t all crammed together and had some continuity to them. I liked the rather big podium. The point of the exhibition for us isn’t to gain contracts but rather to present our company to the outside world - which worked. On Thursday and Friday the attendance was high and our customer came to us so we are satisfied.

Martin Křivka, Head of Promotion, FARMTEC
We liked this year’s exhibition - it was better than the one two years ago – judging by the composition of visitors. It helped a lot that cats and dogs are no longer part of the exhibition. The most intense days for us were Thursday and Friday but even the days of the weekend weren’t in vain. Our purpose for coming to the exhibition was definitely fulfilled.

Václav Brynda, Director of VVS Verměřovice
Over the last eight to ten years we haven’t been exhibiting in the Czech Republic but abroad. Exhibitions in Brno always favour those that are professionally prepared; moreover we are happy with the visitor turnout so have our expectations fulfilled. On Thursday and Friday all our dealers were around to interact with customers in one space, otherwise they would have to travel directly to farms for business dealings. I think that we will be back in two years’ time because we are satisfied and it is a nice space with pleasant people.

Petr Peška, Commercial Director of STS Olbramovice
We regularly exhibit at TECHAGRO but we are exhibiting at this fair for the first time. We see the benefit of having a high concentration of breeders in one space: our customers. We are relatively happy here and the participation has surpassed our expectation. A lot of people came and they were mainly professionals and potential customers. The weather ended up being nice which definitely encouraged more visitors. On the weekend it was mostly families with children visiting and we met some interesting customers.

Ladislav Martinec, Managing Director, CRV Czech Republic
This exhibition makes sense to us as breeders because it is aimed at the breeder – and there were honestly a lot of them. For us it is a social event at which we meet our customers and all in one space. We were awarded a gold medal for our Olavert System for monitoring the natural heat cycle and health of animals, which makes us happy and will only help in our promotion.

Josef Manásek, Business Manager, GEA Farm Technologies CZ
We announced in advance, like a piece of world news, that we would be featuring an automated circular milking parlor so many people stopped by for that reason. The second point of interest was the Monobox automated milking system. I think the fair would benefit from a higher number of visits from farmers, which I was expecting over the weekend. On the one hand it is good that machinery and animals were kept separately but on the other hand there are enough farmers who are interested in machinery and tractors - also in our industry.

Tomáš Bohatec, Managing Director, Bohatecs.r.o., Boskovice
We highly value our participation in the event. We won a gold medal for the MooCall body sensor for cows. It is a popular product which can monitor contractions, send messages to up to two mobile numbers and emails and can predict precisely one hour before birth. We believe that this gold medal will get us more noticed and judging by the interest, bring us business success. We were satisfied with the visitors.

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