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National show of livestock
22.-26.4. 2023

National show of livestock

Shetland ponies at the show in Brno - not only the breeding collection, it will also race

The Shetland Pony will also be presented at the National Livestock Show in Brno. The Shetland Pony is one of the smallest and oldest native horse breeds. The original homeland is the Shetland Islands, located north of Scotland. Originally, these ponies were used mainly as donkeys, bringing the costs closer to remote places on the islands. Later, they began to be bred for draft and used to work in mines and carry loads. Thanks to its flawless character, its popularity quickly spread throughout the world.

In Europe, the Shetland has been preserved in its original form, in the standard type with KVH up to 107 cm and in the mini type with KVH up to 87 cm. The appearance of the shetland pony is stable today.

Shetland pony is a very nice, good-natured, tough and docile horse, reasonably temperamental suitable as the first contact horse for the youngest children (but to maintain the character always with the assistance of an adult), but also as a partner for sports and field work.

In previous years, when all breeds of pony in the Czech Republic were registered in only one studbook, breeding was not regulated and controlled by anyone. There were crosses with other breeds and the unique, original race was in danger of extinction.

In the Czech Republic, about 25 years ago, it was drawn mainly from offspring from zoos, a few private breeders and enthusiasts. From this population it was possible to build the basis of Czech breeding. Ing. Milena Nováková and Ing. In 2000, Dušan Jakovljevič organized a meeting of breeders and supporters of this unique breed and thus provided the basis for controlled breeding.

About 15 years ago, another change took place. Private breeders began to transport original Shetland ponies directly from the country of origin - from Great Britain.

Another supply of pure blood came with imports from European countries.

These ponies were all registered in the mother breeding book GB SPSBS, which meant a big shift in the breeding of Shetlands in the Czech Republic.

Currently, there is a great expansion of breeding Shetland ponies with their subsequent use for both children and adults.

And so we can meet registered Shetland ponies at exhibitions, shows and many other events, where they are a very welcome addition to their small height and beauty.

Another use is the connection of a child and a pony through special exhibition classes, which now have their National Rules under the auspices of SCHSHP zs

Another possibility is the historical connection of racing with Shetland ponies, which has its roots again in the cradle of racing - in Great Britain. Pony races are run under the auspices of Queen Elizabeth II. And they are a very attractive addition to big races.

In the Czech Republic, this discipline was brought to life in 2020 by Renata Marková, Markes stud farm. The Shetland Pony Race Team is also part of the nationwide series of pony races - PONY LIGA, which is under the official auspices of the JOCKEY CLUB OF THE CZECH REPUBLIC.

The Breeding group of two breeding stallions (standard and mini type) and their offspring, as well as breeding and young mares, will be introduced to the audience at the Brno Exhibition Center.

You will also see mares that are part of the Shetland Pony Race Team - Shetland-pony-race-team-cz (webnode.cz) from the training center of the UNICORN zs stable.


Author: Renata Marková

Hrebcin-markes (webnode.cz)


Photo: Tomáš Holcbecher / Chuchle Arena Prague


Date: 16 Aug 2021 07:35:00

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