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National show of livestock
25.-28.4. 2021

National show of livestock

Horses will display carriage racing disciplines, show jumping and traditional farm harnesses


At the 2017 National Show of Livestock horses will be found in Hall  G1 and its surroundings. The exhibited horses will be stabled in boxes by Hall  G1, and a horse paddock will be created between Hall s Z and G1. Here visitors will be able to take a look at the exhibited horses (more than 100 horses from eleven breeds). Demonstrations of sporting disciplines and other activities with horses will take place in Hall  G, where half of the building will be taken up with a large showground with two stands for visitors. Throughout the four days you will be able to enjoy an interesting programme:

  • Samples of harnesses ranging from ponies to carthorses – Belgian and Noriker stallions will be shown, as well as Kladruby horses, which have been known since the times of the court ceremonial of the Emperor Rudolph II for their reputation as carriage horses.
  • Ancient Moravian peasant carts as well as modern display carriages
  • Show jumping
  • Demonstrations of historical agricultural techniques in Haflinger harnesses
  • A competition of three-year-old Noriker and Murani cold-blood mares
  • Kinsky dressage riding horses and Czech warm-bloods
  • Children’s dressage on Shetland ponies
  • Breeder’s collection of Belgian mares with foals
  • Presentation of Welsh ponies in show jumping
  • Presentation of mini-horses performing mini jumps and show jumping

You can see other programmes with horses and dozens of displayed horses at the western ranch – the John Deere Farm at Hall  K.

Date: 21 Apr 2017 09:00:00

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