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National show of livestock
22.-26.4. 2023

National show of livestock

Holstein cattle has a national champion after a year of break

A total of 47 cows and heifers from 21 breeders from all over the country took part in the National Holstein Championship, which took place on September 7, 2021 as part of the National Livestock Show in Brno. After the start of the championship, children with calves came to the round and showed that not only adults can manage the preparation of animals for the exhibition, but also the presentation of animals. Thirteen-year-old Lucie Viedemannová from the Ruda CULS ŠZP Lány farm became the best guide of the LANY TOFFEE RED heifer.

AGRAS CAPPUCCINO národní šampionka AGRAS CAPPUCCINO national champion

The best stallions from Czech breeds competed in four categories - heifers, first calves, cows on the second lactation and cows on the third and higher lactations. After eight partial rounds, the six best, resp. two best cows from each category - CHORUSIC DOC METAXA 7 from 1. Zemědělská as Chorušice advanced to the first place for the first calves and CIHLAR BOBINA Ing. Radek Cihlář from Milošovice, two cows from Agras Bohdalov as for the second calf - the first AGRAS LATTÉ and the second AGRAS FINA 13 ET and from the category of older cows AGRAS CAPPUCCINO advanced as the best from Agras Bohdalov, as and the second CIHLAR APOLKA RED to 3. lactation from breeding Ing. Radek Cihlář from Milošovice.

In the competition of 38 cows, the stallion for the title of National Champion finally fought her way to the third lactation AGRAS CAPPUCCINO with number CZ000700491961 after sire NXB-330 SUPERHERO from Agras Bohdalov as The only champion of the competition was CIHLAR APOLKA RED with number CZ000461879921 P from breeding Ing. Radek Cihlář from Milošovice, who placed only a hair behind the champion.

International judge Ing. Zdeněk Schaffelhofer, who managed to keep the tension of the whole championship until the last second, chose the AGRAS LATTÉ stallion with the number CZ000762227961 as the cow with the best udder for the second lactation after his father NEO-576 MONTANA from the company Agras Bohdalov as

Not only great stallions, but also the best water comes from this company. This is because Markéta Nápravníková from Agras Bohdalov, as

The oldest participant of the show and at the same time the mother of the previous champion was a cow on the seventh lactation of PODEBRADY BRIGITA with no.

The OSTRETIN BORKA 11 P cow after her father NEA-921 OSTRETIN MAGUA P from ZS Ostřetín, as, who managed to milk 107,395 kg of milk during six lactations, also became a deserving breed of the show. Not only this cow proves that Holstein cows are not only high-producing, but also long-lived.

Pupils of secondary agricultural schools: SZeŠ and SOŠ Poděbrady, Secondary School of Agriculture and Veterinary Lanškroun, Albrecht Secondary School Český Těšín and Czech Agricultural Academy in Humpolec also took part in the realization of the exhibition, preparation and care of animals and the realization of the championship itself. conscientiously. Therefore, they also received awards from our Association, dairy Lacrum Velké Meziříčí, Tora Hlavečník and ČMSCH as

The prizes for the winners of individual categories and champions were shared by MIKROP ČEBÍN as, NATURAL spol. s ro and ČMSCH as


Date: 16 Sep 2021 13:02:00

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