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National show of livestock
25.-28.4. 2021

National show of livestock

Eleven horse breeds to be shown at the exhibition grounds


Eleven horse breeds will be introduced in Hall G as part of the National Show of Livestock, including Czech national breeds (Bohemian-Moravian Belgian Horse, Hucul, Silesian Noriker, Starokladruby Horse, and Czech Warmblood).

A rich sideline program will be prepared, which will surely be appreciated by any lover of these beautiful animals. You can enjoy the following:

  • samples of harnesses ranging from ponies to big horses – showcasing Belgian and Noriker stallions as well as Starokladruby horses, who have boasted their reputation of carriage horses since the days of ceremonies at the imperial court of Rudolf II
  • hitches in a hurdle – an old Moravian rustic carriage, as well as a brand new stately coach
  • demonstrations of jumps
  • demonstrations of a historic farmers’ technique in Haflinger harnessing
  • competition of three-year-old Noriker and Muran cold-blooded mares
  • Kinsky and Czech Warmblood horse riding quadrilles
  • children’s quadrilles on Shetland Ponies
  • breeders’ collections of Belgian mares with foals
  • presentation of Welsh horses in charioteers’ showjumping
  • introduction of mini horses, who will perform mini jump and parkour

Another highlight might be a visit to the John Deere Farm in the open area K, which will treat you to:

  • demonstrations of horse training, Western competitions, stallion presentations
  • extreme trail – overcoming challenging obstacles on the horseback
  • ranchers’ work
  • American horse breeds - Paint Horse, Appaloosa and  Quarter Horse
  • Welsh Pony
  • demonstrations of classical and modern Western disciplines in cooperation with the Czech      Paint Horse Club (ranch trail, ranch pleasure, horsemanship and halter)
  • fashion shows of equestrian accessories

Date: 4 Apr 2017 10:59:00

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