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National Gamekeeping Show
22.-26.4. 2023

National Gamekeeping Show

Stories of Czech gamekeeping, sales of hunting supplies, tradition and entertainment


On 12 May, we will launch the National Gamekeeping Show at the Brno Exhibition Centre; at the same time, hunting fans can also visit the ANIMAL TECH International Fair for Animal Production and the National Show of Livestock. The 2019 season starts a new concept that focuses primarily on education and awareness. Newly featured are new sideline exhibitions and a stage programme.

Supplies for hunting and outdoor activities

The National Gamekeeping Show is located in Hall G1 together with a beekeeping exhibition. On the sales stands, visitors will find supplies for hunting and outdoor activities, weapons, ammunition, optics and clothing.

As regards hunting optics, there will be a broad range of products available on the stands of the companies Meopta, Rapier, JLV, Svět dalekohledů and New Effect. Guns will be featured this year by the company Nimrod, and a range of knives will be offered by KDS Sedlčany. You can buy original Czech hunters‘ shirts at the Luko display, while clothes for small fishermen and gamekeepers will be presented by the company Vlček. VÍTEX CZ, a Czech manufacturer with more than 25 years of tradition in knitting production, will offer top hunters‘ clothes in Brno, especially vests, sweaters and caps. In addition to that, there will be cotton shirts and polo shirts including children's sweaters and T-shirts with various hunting motifs. Additional exhibitors of hunters‘ clothes include, for example, Margita or Markos. Mercedes-Benz off-road vehicles will also be on display.

Gamekeepers‘ Stories in Permanent Exhibitions

In addition to the sales stands, there will be several sideline exhibitions presenting stories related to gamekeeping in the Czech Republic. All stories will be presented in such a way as to be of benefit to the professional public, and at the same time attractive and educational for other visitors. In Hall G1, visitors will be introduced to the story of the Gladius knife, on which its creator has been working for eight years and it is registered in the Czech Databank of Records. Another exhibition will be dedicated to Prof. Josef Opletal, an important forester and teacher at the University of Agriculture in Brno. Additional sideline exhibitions will feature the Kralice Game Reserve, an exhibition of deer antlers, rare roe trophies, mouflon trophies from the Židlochovice Forest Enterprise and a history of weapons used for game hunting. The National Hunting Exhibition 2019 will include breeders‘ shows of trophies from OMS Brno-City, Židlochovice, Rosice, Šlapanice and Kuřim. The Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology of Mendel University in Brno will commemorate its 100th anniversary at the National Gamekeeping Show.

A stage with education and entertainment

The basis of the stage show will be a morning expert block focusing on gamekeeping professionals and an afternoon educational block, which is primarily devoted to the general public and young people; every day, it will be dedicated to gamekeeping traditions. These traditions will be presented in an entertaining and action-packed form, and visitors will be welcome to participate in the show. In the morning blocks, topics for experts such as hunting managers or gamekeeping professionals will be presented. Stories of hunting will be presented on stage, while singer Jožka Šmukař will sing for good mood. There will also be a show of trumpeters, and on Tuesday afternoon you can listen to Markazíni, a unique foresters‘ ensemble of brass instruments. Decoration of hunting weapons will be shown every day by engraver Karel Borecký.

In all parts of the sideline programme, the main mission of gamekeeping will be highlighted, which is landscape and wildlife care.

A hunters‘ restaurant with venison specialties will be open throughout the event.

Practical information

The cheapest tickets are available for purchase on our website; on Wednesday 15 May, members of organised groups (bus tours) will enjoy free admission to the show. The Exhibition Centre will be open daily from 9 am to 6 pm (until 5 pm on Wednesday).

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Date: 1 Apr 2019 09:22:00

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