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National Gamekeeping Show
22.-26.4. 2023

National Gamekeeping Show

Sellier & Bellot will bring a wide range of cartridges and a hunting app

Sellier & Bellot will also have a stand at the National Gamekeeping Show 2023 in Brno. Roman Hýna, chief of ammunition sales in Czechia, revealed what they are preparing for the visitors of the National Hunting Show.

What can expo visitors look forward to at your stand?

This is a sales exhibition; hence, we will bring all possible products that our company has in its production programme, and offer it to customers. Ball and shot sporting and hunting ammunition, as well as pistol and revolver cartridges, supplemented by rimfire ammunition. There will certainly be a lot to choose from.

Our stand will also feature a presentation of our new hunters' mobile app aimed at organizing chases and individual hunting. In the app you can create a map of your own hunting ground and then plan individual hunts in detail. You can monitor your area in real time. Thanks to alerts on spotted or hunted game, you will always know what is happening in the hunting reserve. Visitors can try everything out at our stand and we will be happy to help with the installation.

We will of course also be offering promotional merch and will be happy to advise anyone on which hunting cartridges to use for hunting a specific species or which sporting cartridges are suitable for a particular shooting discipline.

In two years' time, the brand will celebrate its 200th anniversary. What do you think keeps it on the market?

In a historical context, it's clear that the brand has been lucky to have people who have owned or led it, because they have always been able to make the kind of strategic or visionary decisions at the right time that have kept Sellier&Bellot at the top of the market, both concerning product quality and range. 200 years really isn't a short time, so there's no doubt that the basis of its success has always been the company's good relationship with the region in which it operates and, of course, with its own people. As far as the more recent history of the factory is concerned, we dare say that we are successful because of our own innovations, which are born in Vlašim and technologically and qualitatively put us ahead of the world competition. We treat our customers fairly and they undoubtedly feel it. They know they can trust the S&B brand.

What is the current demand for ammunition? Has it changed over the last 5 years?

Most recently, due to the war in Ukraine and the related need for European armies to rearm or modify their arsenal, there is a growing interest in military-grade ammunition. The development of ammunition for hunting or sport is influenced by the EU's decision to gradually ban the use of lead as the main bullet material. Of course, development is moving forward, and technological improvements can be found in every segment of our product range. In general, it has been the case for several years that demand has exceeded supply worldwide.


Date: 14 Dec 2022 15:21:00

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