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National Gamekeeping Show
22.-26.4. 2023

National Gamekeeping Show

Get cheaper exhibition space, only until 30 November!


The deadline for exhibitors at ANIMAL TECH 2023 has been set for 30 November 2022. Until then, a lower price for exhibition space applies. For example, a stand of up to 20 square metres at the discounted price is CZK 1,450 per square metre; the registration fee is CZK 2,000.

The fair is a five-day event, including the entire weekend, and is held concurrently with the National Show of Livestock and the National Gamekeeping Show, which includes the celebration of 100 years since the establishment of the Czech-Moravian Hunting Union.

Due to the five-day period of holding, each day from Monday to Wednesday will highlight one of the themes of the extra programme and dedicated more time to it. The themes will be different for the agricultural and gamekeeping parts.


Date: 7 Jul 2022 07:36:00

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