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Vanad 2000 a.s.


Vanad Miron Laser is an efficient CNC cutting machine equipped with fiber laser, which successfully cut metallic and non-metallic materials eg. mica plates, sheets of HSS, klingerit, mirelon, polyethylene foam, corrugated cardboard, cork, plate, brass, bronze, copper.

The laser cutting allows cutting with compressed air, which not only greatly reduce the cost of cutting, but also provides additional benefits in cutting aluminium, stainless steel and structural steel. Machine can be delivered with additional device for processing of tubes and profiles.

Come and see the largest showroom of thermal cutting in the Czech Republic in facilities of our company or visit our stand no. 12 in pavilion G2 at IEF Brno 2015.

Vanad Bluester is one of the most technologically advanced machine with excellent dynamic properties. It’s designed for the toughest operation (option for use up to 10 units). Bluester can be delivered with robotic 3d plasma head.


  • standard thickness of cut material up to 400 mm
  • sectional chassis for automatic portal set-up
  • digital measurement of positions EnDat
  • stable and reliable CNC system B&R
  • easy handling – 21,5“ positionable touch panel with technological keyboard

Vanad is Czech producer of modern highly efficient CNC machines for sheet metal shape cuttings by means of oxy, most recent plasma technologies and fiber laser. From the establishment of the company, we are specializing in producing and developing highly efficient CNC machines for sheet metal shape cutting. The tradition and know-how of our cutting machines has a 40 years history of producing flame cutting machines in former Czechoslovakia. For the period of our existence, we have produced and delivered cutting machines to more than twelve hundreds of satisfied customers in the Czech Republic and abroad. Our goal is to introduce maximum use value to the end user.

Video is in Czech language, but you can turn on English subtitles


Date: 3 Aug 2015 09:03:00

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