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WANZL spol. s r.o.


Comprehensive Solution to Logistics

Wanzl steering axle

The development of the steering axle was driven by the demand for logistic solutions leading to generally better utilisation of space in warehouses and production areas. The demand for handling operations focused primarily on narrowing the space necessary for safe passage of tugger trains.

The passage ability of tugger trains with steering axles and the ability of the trolleys to follow the tractor course improved substantially in comparison with standard trolleys with fixed axles.

Our solution combines several possibilities of handling.

    1. Coupling behind a tractor to form a tugger train – the trolleys are in the steering axle mode
    2. Manual handling – by lifting the drawbar when unhitching the trolley, the axles switch to the system of 2 swivel castors and 2 fixed castors, thus facilitating the manual handling.
    3. Micro-handling – version with 4 swivel castors is available after releasing the directional locking of rear castors, which facilitates the manual handling even more.

      Chassis with steering axles were tested comprehensively at the Engineering Test Institute in Brno, CZ, with excellent results.

      KT4 order picking trolley

      The KT4 trolley is specially designed for the transport of heavy loads. For ergonomic reasons, the trolley can be equipped with pull-out shelves to facilitate loading and unloading. The “drive” version of the KT4 trolley is equipped with an electric motor to facilitate pulling and pushing of a fully loaded trolley.


      • Chassis made of square tubing, with non-slipping wooden board
      • Dimensions: W × D 1 206/1 306/1 706 × 806 mm, 1 306 × 606 mm, H 1 650 or 1 850 mm
      • Total payload: 400 kg, load capacity of shelf: 150 kg, load capacity of bottom: 200 kg
      • Weight: 230 kg
      • Castors: 2 fixed and 2 swivel Ø 160 mm, optionally with brake
      • Finish: galvanised


      KT3 Drive order picking trolley

      The KT3 Drive order picking trolley is the basis for many picking jobs.

      The 5th castor is driven by an electric motor, allowing easy handling without exerting too much effort. The trolley can be equipped with various accessories.


      • Dimensions: W 1 297 × D 625 × H 1 830 mm
      • Total payload: 300 kg, load capacity of shelf: 75 kg
      • Weight: 47 kg
      • Finish: galvanised
      • Technical specifications: motor 24 V DC, rated speed 125 U/W, rated output 150 W, max. torque 11.5 Nm, motor brake 50 Nm

      Travel speed: 6 km/hr



      Date: 9 Jun 2015 12:06:00

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