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WALTER Kompressortechnik Polska Sp. z o. o.


How important is compressed air in modern industry? Production without it is impossible, just like without electricity.

Understanding client’s needs in combination with hard work resulted in the fact that Walter Kompressortechnik has in its offer a total of over 650 models of various types of compressors and over 180 models of various types of dehumidifiers. Since the company’s portfolio includes devices with a power of up to 350 kW and an operating pressure of up to 40 bar, we are able to meet the expectations of demanding clients.

At the stand, we present the most energy-efficient device from our range of compressors with an inverter and 1:1 direct drive, as well as several popular reciprocating compressor models. You will also see a refrigeration dryer.

Screw compressors – SF KS series

The SF KS variable speed compressors adapt the compressor’s capacity to the air consumption by means of a frequency converter, thus saving up to 35% of energy. Due to the high-quality components and the thought-out design, SF KS compressors are highly efficient. The devices are available in the power range from 5.5 to 315 KW.

Piston compressors – GK series

The GK series piston compressors are designed for the most efficient production of compressed air. They are characterized by high efficiency at low power consumption. Thanks to the low pump speed (1250 rpm), these compressors can be used for many years without losing their initial parameters.

Refrigeration dryers

Refrigeration dryers from the WDF series with a dew point of +3 °C, eliminate the problem of condensate in compressed air. They are equipped with a pre-filter that protects the exchanger against dirt deposits, as well as a fine filter that retains oil particles in the form of an aerosol.

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Date: 1 Aug 2019 08:30:00

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13.–17. 9. 2021

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13.–17. 9. 2021

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