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4.-7.10. 2022

International Engineering Fair

UNIS, a.s.


Demonstrator for control system of fire fighting vehicle
CMFD65 and CMFD85 display panels present a modular control system for utility vehicles and machines. The control system is designed to control, monitor and automate complex functions of the chassis, utility extensions and other equipment. The open distributed system can be configured and modified to satisfy each application and customer wishes. It can include modules for regulation as well as wireless modules.
The supplied displays conform to the industry standards including temperature ranges between –30 °C and +85 °C. The basic implementation includes SD card, USB, audio, ethernet, CAN (double) and RS-232 connectivity. The displays allow an easy IP video integration.
The display shows a water turret with camera equipment which is automatically guided by visual information or by manual commands for example from the driver’s cabin. The self-propelling turret can be fully integrated into the modular system on offer.

Control Units and Power Converters for Jet & Turbo-Prop Engines Turbo-shaft
The control units ensure starting and revolution control of jet or turbo-prop turbines, and control of fuel pump and oil pump. After required revolution level is reached, the control unit switches on the generator and smart power converter starts to supply electrical power up to 1 kW. Integration of free turbine speed sensor torque sensors and its feedback to engine control system are implemented.
Control Unit is developed for turboprop engine TP 100 of the output of 180 kW. The basis of TP 100 is the proven engine TJ 100, which fulfils here the function of the gas generator, drives the free turbine and, via a gearbox, a three-bladed propeller with constant speed. The system is designed for use in both push and tractor configuration depending on its mounting on the air vehicle. Thanks to its low weight and output of 185 kW this engine is intended for the category of ultralight both piloted and pilotless air vehicles (UAV).

Manufacturing execution system MES PHARIS
MES PHARIS® contains functions for monitoring of manufacturing process and individual batches in the course of manufacture, administration of manufacturing regulations and instructions, short-term manufacture planning, development of an electronic record of batch manufacture, assessment of manufacture (manufacturing and balance indicators) and monitoring of individual manufacturing devices.



Date: 10 Jan 2016 09:57:00

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