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7.-11.10. 2019

International Engineering Fair

Turck, s.r.o.


Wireless Vibration and Temperature sensor
Banner Engineering Corp. introduced a new wireless vibration and a temperature sensor. The sensor is designed to work with an 1-wire serial radio of product series DX80. This includes Q45, performance P6 or Modbus MultiHop H6 type. Serial communication is between the sensor and the serial radio. Vibration measurement is based on the RMS velocity. Vibration thresholds are DIP switch selectable on the Q45 or using the UCT software to set vibration and temperature thresholds for the P6 and H6. Vibration measuring range is 0–65 mm/s and temperature can be measured in a range -40–105 °C. The sensor is powered by battery located in radio station. The sensor can be mounted using the standard or magnetic bracket or two-sided thermal transfer tape.

Ultra-Compact I/O modules TBEN-S
Ultra-compact modules from Turck is designed with 8 digital (input, output or universal), 4 analogue or 2 technological channels. Analog inputs are universal. This means that you can process voltage/current signal, PT100 signals from temperature sensors or millivolt signals, as are typically output by thermocoupler or measuring bridges. In addition to digital and analogue variant is available the new IO-Link model. The outputs switch a current of up to 2 A. Fully potted IP67 modules are only 32 mm slim and 144 mm short. TBEN-S module can be operated without additional gateways in each of the three Ethernet systems Profinet, Modbus TCP or EtherNet/IP. Using Turck multiprotocol technology TBEN-S automatically recognizes communication protocol during the start phase. Integrated web server can be used for diagnostic and it is optimized for a smartphone.

Expandable safety controller XS26
Banner Engineering Corporation now offers expandable safety controller XS26-2. Controller featuring PLC function without complex programming. Module using safety blocks, logic function and user-friendly programming environment. Base module monitors variety of input devices, safety devices or standard devices via 26 inputs and two dual safety outputs. In addition, safety controller can be expandable by 8 modules in six variants. Expanding modules with 8 safety inputs and two configurable inputs or 16 safety inputs and four configurable inputs, 2 or 4 solid-state outputs and 2 or 4 safety relay outputs. The outputs can switch a current of up to 6 A. Controller meets the requirements of safety category 4, PL e according to EN ISO 13849 and SIL CL 3 according to IEC 62061 and IEC 610508.


Date: 6 Aug 2015 09:45:00

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Transport and Logistics
7.-11.10. 2019

7.-11.10. 2019


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