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Forum confirmed Czech opportunities in building up India's infrastructure


Girish Shankar from the Indian ministry of heavy industry confirmed during today's Czech-Indian Business Forum at the International Engineering Fair that India intends to invest substantial financial resources into the development of its infrastructure by 2020. For Czech entrepreneurs it opens opportunities to participate, for example, in the construction of high-speed rail and road networks, construction of the subway in dozens of cities and public transport services and urban infrastructure, the building of airports and aviation industry, but also in other areas and sectors.

India's ambitious plan envisages, for example, 40 km of new roads to be added every day next year, over the next years some 250 airports will be built, 110 million homes built or 98 "smart cities". Two years ago, India launched the "Make in India", which aims to attract foreign companies to the country, which will directly invest and manufacture in India. A representative of the Invest India agency Siddhartha Anand spoke in Brno today in detail about twenty five core sectors, including budgets, which are expected in them.

The Indian market is attractive due to its size – the country is home to over 1.3 billion people. At the same time, the local economy has been growing in recent years regularly by more than five percent, making it the fastest-growing major economy. The Indians also emphasize that the country can maintain the momentum also because it has a very young population. A half of its population is under 25 years of age.

The fact that the modernization of the Indian industry is an opportunity for Czech entrepreneurs was confirmed today by the president of the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic Vladimir Dlouhy and Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Vladimir Bartl, who see opportunities for cooperation in the fields of power generation, nanotechnology and biotechnology. Science and research were also part of today's topics and Milena Vicenova of the Technology Agency presented a the science and research management system of the Czech Republic to the Indian delegation as well as programmes that support applied research. She also mentioned a few concrete examples of innovative, internationally successful projects that could be of interest to the Indian party.

Indian and Czech leaders agreed on the fact that Czech companies can build in India on a tradition that is strongly associated with entrepreneurial action of Tomas Bata between the world wars, they can build on the long-term good relations of the Czech Republic with India and which have been confirmed by the presence of the Minister of Industry and Trade Jan Mladek in a business mission in January last year. Vit Gilánik of the Czech-Indian Chamber of Commerce mentioned, that business in India can also have its drawbacks and, like Vladimir Dlouhy from the Chamber of Commerce promised to support Czech firms during their entering  the Indian market. Vladimir Dlouhy also appealed that granting visas to Indian citizens should not be a lengthy affair, and in connection with the fact that India will be the partner country of the International Engineering Fair next year, offered to help with the preparation of related activities. "I believe that India has much to offer and there are areas in which we will work together."

Today's forum was organized by the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Czech-Indian Chamber of Commerce and EEPC India. Visitors could get detailed information and contacts and discuss with specific Indian companies during the B2B meetings.

Date: 6 Oct 2016 10:47:00

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