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Conferences on robotics and 3D printing


Nová média (New Media) publishing house organized two professional conferences at the International Engineering Fair in Brno. On the first day, there was a forum of industrial robotics, where the organizers of the focused for the first time on the idea of Robot and human on the same team. A day later, the attention was focused on 3D printing and trends linked with it, experience and business opportunities.

A record number of 477 registered attendees at a conference on 3D printing showed that Czech companies are really interested in this topic. It was probably the largest conference of its kind also on a European scale. "According to visitor registration, the third edition of the Forum on Additive Manufacturing was attended by engineers, top designers, developers and representatives of universities. The vast majority of brands, which are focusing on practical applications of professional 3D technology press on the Czech market, were represented here either directly or indirectly, starting with the major companies such as Stratasys and 3D Systems and ending with Czech distributors, of which MCAE Systems is the largest. This year, they are exhibiting their first 3D printer which was presented at MSV twenty years ago, so it's a little jubilee," says Jan Homola, the main organizer and moderator of the conference.

In his words, it is gratifying that the conference was supported by some 20 partners and at least 5 new 3D printing technologies had their Czech premiere here, starting with the major 3D technologies for metal printing to tiny 3D printers, which are however the best selling ones in the world. "Another treat is that a Czech designer Josef Prusa from Havlickuv Brod developed a 3D printer that is currently the best selling in the world, and we had the opportunity to present the premiere of its latest version here. Also KOVOSVIT MAS have surprisingly revealed their own hybrid manufacturing technology. We are very pleased that representatives of the company came here and wanted to present their hot new item at our event," says Jan Homola.

The first annual conference called Forum of industrial robotics was also well attended – there were 120 registered visitors. The main topic of the forum, Robot and human in one team, is according to Jan Homola one of the key topics of the so-called Industry 4.0. The forum presented in Brno the latest robotic systems used in manufacturing, assembly and handling operations in engineering fields. Special space was devoted to the so-called cooperative robots.

"We chose the topic of cooperative robotics, because it is a huge trend. So far, industrial robotics have been perceived as being very expensive, requiring very complex integration that only the richest companies such as car factories could afford. To a large extent this is an inflexible thing, where the robot carries out the same operation for five years in a row. But there has been a huge shift in the last two years towards affordable robots, which can almost be purchased for an individual in a small company. The robot does not cost tens of millions, but hundreds of thousands of crowns. The returnability for a standard enterprise is 200 days; robots can work 24 hours a day without interruption, if needed. Another huge benefit of robots is that they are able to collaborate with humans. A robot can reprogram a task from one day to another, for example when a worker is missing, and you can also set it up among the workers. If a robot collides with a human, it stops in a hundredth of a second not to hurt the human too much," says Jan Homola about the current benefits.

According to the conference organizer, robotics is a clear industry trend. "Our conference has been supported in its first year by all but one major suppliers of industrial robotics operating in this country, such as KUKA Robotics, ABB, Siemens, Universal Robots, and many others. I would bet that in a year we will see dozens of cooperative robots here at MSV, just as we predicted it with 3D printers three years ago."

Date: 5 Oct 2016 09:39:00

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