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7.-11.10. 2019

International Engineering Fair

The 3D Print Conference had almost 400 participants


The traditional trade fair conference „The Additive Production Forum“ only focused on professional solutions this time, yet there was again huge interest in the 3D printing theme. Almost four hundred people in the audience also saw the introduction of two hot innovations – the Hewlett-Packard industrial 3D printer and a 3D printer for printing metal products for the office.

3D printing conferences have been organised at MSV with great success for several years. "Last year's Additive Production Forum was attended by 476 registered participants which made it the largest European conference on professional 3D printing," said Jan Homola, an organizer of conferences and promoter of additive production, who was very satisfied with this year's interest as well. "Our conference "3D Print - Trends, Experience and Business Opportunities" is still extremely successful with nearly 400 participants. A decline in participation is due to the fact that we have specialized in the most professional and most expensive solutions that are no longer so attractive for so-called home users. It was a strategic decision because this topic fits more to the International Engineering Fair, and we organise another conference elsewhere for users of smaller solutions."

The programme of this year's conference was extremely busy and not everyone interested in a partnership actually found one. Among the new partners who captured people’s interest was DMG Mori, a well-known traditional exhibitor of MSV. "This technology company has been focusing on cutting-edge machining so far, but it's already offering several additive and hybrid machines to combine 3D printing with machining," says Jan Homola. Similarly, the company Trumpf, another traditional MSV exhibitor and yet a novice of the 3D print conference, combine conventional production with additive technology. The new technologies of so-called hybrid production, which combine 3D metal-dust printing and cutting-edge machining technology in one machine, enable the production of extremely precise metal parts.

The greatest attention, however, was focused on the announced premieres. Hewlett-Packard's revolutionary Hewlett-Packard Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology is a whole new way of producing functional parts in production quality, up to ten times faster, and half the price of the existing additive parts production. As Daniel Adam of 3Dees Industries explained as a Czech partner of Hewlett-Packard, this new HP industrial printer makes the 3D printing process cheaper and faster. The unofficial world premiere in Brno featured a unique desktop 3D Desktop Metal parts printer by Desktop Metal, while Markforged introduced the most interesting news for 3D composite parts.

An exciting demonstration of the wide use of 3D printing has been shown on a dog wheelchair that adapts to a particular dog. “I came up with the wheelchair idea at the conference three years ago. We wanted to promote 3D print technology with a generic project that is of interest to schools," explained Jan Homola. The vision was accomplished and this year the story was concluded by introducing a wheelchair designed by a wheelchair-bound designer. The wheelchair is made by a 3D printer and adapts to a particular dog that drags his legs behind.

The conference included an accompanying exhibition, where visitors could see the latest 3D printers with their own eyes. Exhibiting companies included EOS, 3Dees Industries, MCAE Systems, Misan, SLM Solutions, Renishaw, DGM Mori, Trumpf, ABC3D, 3Dwiser, Trilab, Setos, Solidify3D, Böhler Uddeholm, AnyoneGo, UPrint3D and Protolab from VŠB-TU Ostrava.

Datum: 12 Oct 2017 12:03:00

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7.-11.10. 2019

7.-11.10. 2019


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