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4.-7.10. 2022

International Engineering Fair

SEMACO tools and software s.r.o.


The multifunction high feed milling cutter Slotworx® VF

  • ideal for finishing surfaces (wall or face)
  • more flutes for higher feed rates
  • extremely stable machining
  • two to seven flutes
  • diameter range from 16 to 42 mm
  • available as a screw-on type or Duoplug® cutter

ArCut X for brilliant surfaces in next to no time

The new ArCut X tool concept from FRAISA has arrived!


  • short production times
  • longer tool life
  • optimum surfaces
  • top productivity
  • wide range of applications


  • automotive industry and tool rooms
  • aviation industry
  • tire mould production
  • turbine blades and impellers

Improved Machining Productivity for WORKNC Customers

5axis Programming with any tool shape in Version 2020.0.

The latest version of WORKNC – just released by Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s Production Software business – continues its focus on customers’ shopfloor productivity, by expanding its exclusive Advanced Toolform technology with the introduction of 5axis machining for any tool shape.

WORKNC 2020.0 allows for 5axis tool shapes such as barrels, ovals, parabolic, or any given shape, to be calculated over the part surfaces, including negative offsets (allowances).

The improvement brings the benefit of a smoother contact point, resulting in larger stepovers, without compromising on accessibility, as it keeps the shank diameter relatively small. WORKNC’s Advanced Toolform solution allows for multiple surfaces to be machined at the same time, in CAD models coming from any source, solid or surface based.

The Wall Machining toolpath also gets a boost by including the Spiral patterns and 2D toolpath compensation. Sharp edges are now protected by a corner smoothing radius and retracts have been optimised to increase productivity and reduce machining time.

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Date: 8 Jun 2019 09:17:00

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