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5.-9.10. 2020

International Engineering Fair

SEMACO tools and software, s.r.o.


The unique time-saving tooling system with self-rotating inserts. The innovative tooling system, that makes manual re-positioning of the inserts superfluous. SPINWORX® tools are available as screw-on type and shell type milling cutter bodies.


  • 100% use of the total insert periphery
  • Multiple increase in tool life
  • Minimised set-up times since no manual re-locating of the inserts is necessary
  • Chip volume is much higher without interruption in the production process

What´s new in WorkNC V24?

VERO Software released the new version of WorkNC V24 in the first half of this year.

We are going to present the following:

New CAD functions:

  • New customization options for machining STL
  • Trimming skew curves
  • Creation of text along the conducting curve

New CAM functions:  

  • New option of the stock – local stock definition
  • Clamping system – preview generated to html documentation
  • Single distance collision checking for extension of holder
  • Roughing the big parts with small tool
  • Transformation and copying of 3+2axis Toolpaths
  • Display of non-machined material
  • New lead-in to the stock for roughing strategy
  • 5-axis machining of undercuts
  • Improved algorithm for calculating the rest of Toolpath
  • Variable Z-step in a Z-level finishing

PartXplore 3D Native Interface
PartXplore 3D is now integrated into WorkPLAN Solutions. A native interface has been developed to facilitate the automatic import of technical data from the CAD files opened and analysed with PartXplore 3D. Retrieving a complex assembly tree structure has never been so quick and easy.

  • Estimate budgets for raw materials
  • Import a multi-level technical breakdown (part assemblies and sub-assemblies)
  • Group together standard components from bills of materials
  • Integrate all technical data
  • Access 3D files associated with projects during the different manufacturing phases

Import of technical data from the CAD files


Date: 8 Jun 2015 12:38:00

Concurrently with

5.-9.10. 2020

5.-9.10. 2020

5.-9.10. 2020

5.-9.10. 2020

5.-9.10. 2020

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