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4.-7.10. 2022

International Engineering Fair



Accretech Measuring Instruments

Portable surface texture measuring instrument ACCRETECH Handysurf+ is suitable for global use, responding to diverse needs.

Handysurf+ offers the following benefits:

  • resolution: 0.0007µm
  • measuring range:
  • removable driver unit: X = 16 mm
  • roughness specimen included in the delivery
  • display available in 20 languages
  • the driver unit is inserted in the instrument or on an extension cable for remote use Handysurf+ is connectable to the compact printer, USB memory stick and PC with built-in USB connector. Analysis of the roughness values in the application Supportware II. With the USB connector, it is possible to print measurement results to the optional compact printer, save measurement conditions and results on USB memory sticks and recharge the instrument from the USB port of a PC or with a USB battery.
  • intuitive operability (the 2.4 inch color LCD has significantly improved the visibility. Moreover, 6 buttons and newly developed UI have achieved simple and intuitive operations.)

Perceptron Introduces Automated Metrology Scanner V7

New sensor V7 enables us to generate pristine point clouds for reverse engineering and provide rapid feature measurement directly in TouchDMIS [software] with the V7 sensor.

V7 is a blue laser system, meaning it can easily capture data from surfaces otherwise challenging to typical red lasers. Dark, reflective and geometrically complex objects can be scanned with this module without the use of reference stickers, or dulling spray.

It is designed to be used inside a Coord3 CMM, offered as bridge, large gantry and horizontal arm systems dependent on application. For example, the horizontal arm CMMs offered by Coord3 are made for inspecting car bodies.

With a large field of view (88mm W and 100mm D) the V7 is adept at capturing large, geometrically complex areas. In terms of speed, the scanner works at a rate of 1,280 points per line, creating up to 64,000 points p/s.

A valuable tool for reverse engineering, the V7 is also capable of point cloud to CAD comparison when measuring tolerance. In terms of pricing, the company promises the V7 provides high quality scanning at an affordable price.

Computed tomography TomoScope® XS Plus

Werth Messtechnik introduced the next generation of compact coordinate measuring machines with computed tomography.

TomoScope® XS Plus offers a cost-effective concept with low requirements of space and weight.

The new Werth TomoScope® XS Plus enables the measurement of larger workpieces up to approximately 450 mm length and smaller objects with high resolution or reduced measuring time.

The monoblock design of the tube, generator, and vacuum production makes the X-ray tubes nearly maintenance-free, providing extremely high uptime. The open design results in un­limited service life, as wear parts can be replaced if necessary. The other X-ray components have also been optimized to ensure a maintenance cycle of one year for the entire machine, as is usual with conventional coordinate measuring machines. The tubes are available with maximum voltage of 130 kV or 160 kV, covering a wide range of applications for plastic and metal workpieces.

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Date: 7 Jun 2019 09:17:00

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