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7.-11.10. 2019

International Engineering Fair



Measurement "At a Glance" – Werth QuickInspect MT with Custom Measurement Range

Capturing an entire workpiece in one image ensures easy operation and short measurement times. For smaller workpieces, the measuring machine acts like a classical profile projector and uses the field of view of the optics as the measurement range. This principle has been implemented for various measurement ranges in the classical QuickInspect machines (on the left). For larger measurement ranges, the resolution and thus the precision of measurement is limited by the number and size of pixels.

To do so, the machine raster scans workpieces in seconds "OnTheFly" at the push of a button. This produces high-resolution images with nearly any number of pixels and high precision (patent). Even especially small or high-precision features on larger objects (up to 250 mm length as standard) can be visualized and accurately measured. In automatic mode, the measured object is detected fully automatically after raster scanning and the matching CNC measurement program is started.

Werth QuickInspect and QuickInspect MT250 2D-CNC

Absolute Multiline Technology – Pioneering length metrology by company ETALON

The Absolute Multiline Technology is a pioneering solution to the precision measurement of lengths up to 20 m with a measurement uncertainty of 0.5 µm per meter, on up to 100 channels simultaneously. Unlike conventional interferometers, the laser beam of the Absolute Multiline Technology can be interrupted at any time without causing precision loss. In fractions of a second the absolute distance is recovered. Thanks to these worldwide unique system properties, the patented Absolute Multiline Technology takes metrology automation in production to a new level.

ETALON – Absolute Multiline Technology

PERCEPTRON introduces the COORD3 BENCHMARK™ HYBRID CMM equipped with laser line scanner & touch probe.
Laser-Scanning CMM launched with Touch Software makes Coordinate Metrology Simple.

The COORD3 BENCHMARK™ CMM offers customers a high-performance cost-competitive CMM (coordinate measurement machine) with the added benefit of a small footprint. The unique 'half- gantry' advanced alloy design places its X and Y axis at the same level, providing increased rigidity and thermal stability. The unit offers an outstanding metrology platform for high-accuracy small and medium part CMM inspection.

The ergonomic open structure of BENCHMARK CMM is ideal for the inspection of high-volume production parts or of single-part inspection at the smaller manufacturing operations. Its compact size is ideal for production CMM or quality room applications and fits through a standard-width door.

The full air-bearing BENCHMARK HYBRID CMM, with accuracy of 2.5 microns and a measuring volume of 600 mm x 500 mm x 440 mm, comes equipped with both a Perceptron Laser Scanner and a Renishaw touch-probe. Following the recent acquisition of COORD3 by Perceptron, the company's Laser Line Scanning Sensor has been seamlessly integrated into TouchDMIS™ software, allowing reverse engineering and dimensional inspection to be performed by the multi-sensor CMM.

The BENCHMARK is available in manual or CNC configurations. Manual units can be upgraded to full CNC in the field at a later date, offering a two-phase investment in CMM technology. The Hybrid BENCHMARK is the ideal job shop CMM.
Perceptron's TouchDMIS, the 'game-changing' software for CMM usability, offers the world's first all TOUCH CMM software with full

CAD capability with newly added point cloud handling capability. TouchDMIS requires just a few hours of training and takes the 'expert' out of CMM measuring and programming. Perceptron's CEO Jeff Armstrong states "The introduction of this new product is a direct result of our recent acquisitions and is the first step in our plan to offer a full range of coordinate measuring machines with intuitive, easy to use software and best in industry scanning technology".

Unique Computed Tomography Centre
PRIMA BILAVČÍK, s.r.o. belongs among the largest supliers of dimensional measuring instruments and machines in Czech Republic with more than 20 years of experience. For our customers we also provide various services from the field of metrology, which includes:

  • Calibration of the gauges in an accredited calibration laboratory no. 2318
  • Professional trainings, seminars and courses – PRIMA ACADEMY
  • Measurements, 3D scanning, reverse engineering, gauges maintenance etc.

Computed tomography centre equipped with unique measuring machine with sensor for computed tomography – CT Werth TomoScope HV 500, which is in terms of technical specifications & configuration rare in the most of the Central Europe.

Hi-TEC centre of computed tomography serves for individual measurements and non-destructive testing of customers' parts, as well as for wide cooperation with other CT users or universities not just in the Czech Republic.

Our company belongs among the leaders in the field of metrology in the Czech Republic, what we are confirming by our continuous improvement and application of the latest technologies, which undoubtedly computed tomography (CT) belongs to.

www.merici-pristroje.cz, eshop.merici-pristroje.cz

Date: 10 Jun 2015 15:02:00

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7.-11.10. 2019

7.-11.10. 2019


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