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7.-11.10. 2019

International Engineering Fair



Measuring instruments ACCRETECH

Mobile roughness measuring Instruments ACCRETECH are practical, robust and intuitive. They are suitable for the measurement in the workshop environment as well as in the laboratory environment.

ACCRETECH contour and roughness measuring device Surfcom NEX can be equipped with a roughness, contour or hybrid probe. It is possible to extend the device with an optical sensor for contactless scanning. Patented linear technology enables high precision measurement at high speed.

There is also a wide portfolio of ACCRETECH roundness measuring instruments. Roundness measuring instruments can be manual to fully automated.

FARO® 8-Axis Quantum FaroArm®

With the release of the FARO® 8-Axis Quantum FaroArm®, the world’s only eight-axis portable metrology arm solution, FARO has again redefined the market expectations for arm technology.

The 8-Axis Quantum FaroArm seamlessly integrates the portable Quantum FaroArm with an eighth-axis, enabling the part to be rotated in real-time relative to the Arm – meaning no difficult reaching around the object and no need to move the Arm into different locations during the process.

This results in unmatched measuring speed and user-friendliness, offering an easy-to-use measurement solution that allows users to focus on the actual measurement and not on the measurement processes.


Date: 30 Aug 2018 11:33:00

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7.-11.10. 2019

7.-11.10. 2019


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