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Plastics manufacturers heading to Brno


The International Fair of Plastics, Rubber and Composites PLASTEX 2016 will once again boast top exhibitors in large numbers. Participation of all traditional leaders and a number of new firms has forced organizers to extend the originally allocated space, so visitors will find plastics exhibitions both in Hall G1 and in the adjacent Hall G2.

An interesting item is the growing interest from Portugal. While in 2012 the PLASTEX fair did not present a single Portuguese company, two years ago three of them arrived and this year there will be already nine Portuguese exhibitors including a sectoral association on a total area of ​​145 square meters. CEFAMOL, the Portuguese Association for the Mould Industry, was founded back in 1969 and brings together 250 companies. Also interesting is the participation of a company from Iran, which will present its production of raw polymers on an area of ​​45 square meters. It is the first participation of an Iranian company in MSV‘s modern history after 1989.

Some exhibitors at the PLASTEX fair preliminarily announce interesting exhibits. The company KUBOUŠEK that participates in the Brno fair for the twenty-fifth time in a row, will showcase new technology for plastics processing in Hall G1, including a revolutionary KrausMaffei injection moulding machine of the new CX series with high productivity and energy efficiency. Attention will also be deserves by the display of peripheral devices and measuring technologies, where visitors will view KOCH-TECHNIK systems for material transporting and dosing, Regloplas tempering devices, Rapid plastics mills and crushers, Sesotec metal detectors and separators, MTF conveyors and ONI cooling systems.

The company “BOCO PARDUBICE machines” is exhibiting several production lines. Its BOCOMATIC regranulation trimmer line is designed to process standard-size granulate, but alternatively it can be adjusted for microgranulation. The MARATHON LINE recycling plant represents an innovative recycling solution. Thanks to its flexibility, it can handle a broad range of waste plastics and allows the maximum possible amount of waste material to be returned back into the production cycle. The BOCOMATIC compounding line serves for adding other materials to the base melt polymer material in order to form a material with enhanced required properties and better processability. The process changes both physical and thermal, electrical or visual properties and ensures optimum and extremely fine mixing of the products.

New technologies will also be presented by the company Piovan Central Europe. The N35-60 granulator was designed specifically for large parts, such as injection-moulded food packaging, big bottles and large blow- moulded parts. It is equipped with a unique principle of a tangential cutting system and its rotary blades are inclined relatively to the fixed blades and placed as close as possible to the geometric tangent of the cutting circle. This way, high production performance is achieved using smaller engines, which is a contribution to the minimization of dust and heat generation. Aquatech, a member of the Piovan Group, newly launches on the market a series of DigiTemp Evo thermorefrigerators. The equipment combines elements of temperature control and a water cooler and provides a process fluid in the cooling, heating and freecooling modes.

A wide range of products and supporting services will be presented in Brno by the company LUC GROUP, which since 1971 has specialized in manufacturing and processing of hot cast ennobled polyurethane (PUR) elastomers. LUC subsequently applies the material on cylinders, wheels, pulleys, rollers, but also casts parts according to drawings – various stoppers, springs, gaskets, but also complicated shaped parts. The processing methods can be adjusted precisely to suit the customer's specific application requirements. LUC offers a total of more than 350 different material degrees with specific properties, such as high impact strength, resistance to abrasion wear, excellent chemical resistance, increased friction properties and resistance to high temperatures.

Interesting innovations will be brought to Brno also by other companies in the industry. The Austrian company IWZ Industriebedarf will showcase its IWZ Vision – a central data reader for temperature, pressure, flow and volume values, designated for injection moulding machines. The second new feature will be the TORO System Wheel Dry - a drier for plastic granulates. The Polish company Listemann Polska will introduce conformal cooling of tools for plastics moulding usable wherever refrigeration would not be possible or sufficient. Hot nozzles of a proprietary design offer a possibility to produce a hot injection system exactly to the customer’s needs. The Zlín-based company “m-tec CZ” in Hall G1 will show a homogenization silo with an internal conveyor designed for the unification of individual batches of production, or mixing two or more plastic granulates.

Date: 2 Oct 2016 19:30:00

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