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7.-11.10. 2019

International Engineering Fair

Newtech s.r.o.



Hall P


Opposed twin spindle lathe equipped with a high-powered spindle motor and a swing arm robot. Twin spinler balanced sition and have high mechanical rigidity, interrupted rough cutting on one spindle does not affect finishing cutting on the another apposike spindle.

ANW3500 can be optionally equipped with a tailstock of 130 mm storoke and can machine a shaft work up to 250/270mm length.

The swing arm robot reduces the amount of coolant and chip evacuation out  of the machine since it travels inside the cover.

Recommended Work Size mm (inch) ∅ 250 x 110 (∅ 9,8 x 4,3)
Spindle Diameter mm (inch) ∅ 100 (∅ 3,9)
Spindle Speed min-¹ max. 3 500
Spindle Motor kW 15 / 18.5
Number of Tool Stations
Chuck Size inch 8 ~ 10
Slide Stroke mm X-axis: 225
Z-axis: 405
CNC Control


High rigidity and high productivity turning machine
Milling series

  • Milling tools can be mounted on all the 12-station turret.
  • Process aggregation by the turret with the Y-axis.
  • The built-in motor is equipped on the main and back spindle
  • Powerful milling capability
  • Overwhelming cost performance
  • Preparing the optional interactive programming software on-board “MANUAL GUIDE i”
  • Abnormal load detection function decrease the damage in case of machine crush.
  • Accurate machining is realized by the thermal distortion compensation function.

Max. machinable dia. mm ∅260/∅51(Bar work) ∅280
Main spindle speed min-¹ 200–4500 200–4500
Back spindle speed min-¹ 200–4500 200–4500
No. of turret stations
12 12
Rapid traverse rate m/min X:24 Y:12 Z:27 A:30 X:24 Y:12 Z:27 A:30
Main spindle motor kW 7,5 / 11 7,5 / 11
Width x Depth x Height mm 2470 x 1850 x 1930 2470 x 1850 x 1930
Weight kg 5600 5600

Hall B

LVD Lynx 3015

Cost-efficient fiber laser cutting machine

Highly efficient fiber laser cutting machines for ultra-high-speed cutting, dynamic all-around laser processing, and the ideal machine for entry into fiber laser cutting technology.

The Lynx allows easy entry into fiber laser cutting. With a modest investment, you can benefit from the flexibility and productivity of fiber laser technology. Cut ferrous and non-ferrous materials reliably with excellent cut quality and at three times the speed of a CO2 laser, achieving low per part cost. Enjoy high uptime with a virtually maintenance-free laser source, high wall plug efficiency, and very low operating costs.

  • Processes ferrous and non-ferrous materials, including copper and brass
  • IPG fiber laser source is virtually maintenance-free
  • High wall plug efficiency of 30 ٪
  • Integrated Siemens CNC control and drive system ensures high reliability
  • Automatic pallet changeover for efficient sheet loading and unloading in just 35 seconds

Dyna-Press 24/12 Plus

Fast, accurate and flexible bending

The Dyna-Press is your perfect bending partner. The electric drive Dyna-Press delivers fast bending speeds of 25 mm per second to bend more parts per hour at a lower cost per part. Ideal for bending small and simple parts, its ergonomic design permits use in a standing or seated position. Add to this impressive production capabilities, easy to use control and compact size for a press brake that is fast, accurate and flexible.


  • Compact design uses minimal floor space
  • Easy transport with a standard forklift (except 40/15)
  • Intuitive touch screen control is easy to use (TOUCH-TS control 12/8 and 24/12 models; TOUCH-B for 24/12 Plus and 40/15 Plus models)
  • High repeat accuracy with X/R back gauge; 4-axis back gauge on Plus models


  • Extra gauge finger
  • Light guard protection
  • Air conditioning unit for electrical enclosure
  • Vertical W-style or universal tooling
  • CADMAN-B programming software (Plus models)


  • Dyna-Press 12/8, Dyna-Press 24/12, Dyna-Press 24/12-Plus, Dyna-Press 40/15-Pluswww.newtech.cz
Datum: 4 Jun 2018 08:44:00

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7.-11.10. 2019

7.-11.10. 2019


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