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5.-9.10. 2020

International Engineering Fair

MSV as a platform for specialized seminars


MSV brings together professionals from different fields who make use of their presence in Brno for professional meetings and specialized seminars. For example, the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Brno University of Technology, in cooperation with the Czech Association of Surveyors and Cartographers, has organized an Industrial Measurement Seminar at the Congress Centre, while the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague, Institute of Engineering Technology, organized a seminar focused on progressive and unconventional engineering technologies. The organizers, headed by Associate Professor Viktor Kreibich, have prepared a series of nine lectures on different themes, looking at the surface treatment of materials from different perspectives.

The introduction of the seminar was more general and raised similar questions as those of the public all over the world this summer, when it was questioning the causes of the collapse of the Morandi Bridge in Genoa, Italy. How was it possible to prevent technical problems that ultimately resulted in a great tragedy? And how can we learn from this misfortune? Professor Františka Pešlová from A. Dubček University in Trenčín presented the topic "A systematic approach to solving technical problems", where she stated among other things that technical problems arise on the basis of irresponsible approach during the process, from project design through implementation to maintenance. It is therefore important to follow a comprehensive system in solving technical problems. "Everywhere we hear that things need to be addressed systemically, but not everyone knows exactly what that means, and so I have decided to choose this topic," said Františka Pešlová.

Other speakers prepared papers about a completely different topics. Jiří Kuchař from the Institute of Engineering Technology offered a practical lecture on how we can quickly and safely clean internal surfaces without damage, such as in water pipes, heating systems and the like. He talked about the different methods and technologies, their advantages and disadvantages, the experiments, and he also gave some concrete examples of specific tasks, such as cleaning a truck cooler.

Eva Jančová, Head of the Climatic and Corrosion Resistance Test Lab at the Military Research Institute in Brno, introduced the preservation and packing issues related to ground military technology during short-term (1 to 2 years) and long-term storage of military equipment and technology in order to keep it combatable. She presented the methodology, standard levels of protection and methods used by NATO and the Czech Army. She also talked about the differences in the storage of technology outdoors or inside buildings, in different climatic conditions, and so on.

The programme also included further lectures:  Václav Minařík on welding novelties,  Milan Petřík on the defectoscopic inspection of bonded joints, František Tatíček on unconventional methods of joining, Libor Mrňa on laser applications in engineering, Martin Chvojka on the plasma electrolytic oxidation of aluminum alloys and in conclusion, Libor Horáček and Pavel Vydra on the use of additive technologies in mechanical engineering.

Date: 4 Oct 2018 18:10:00

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5.-9.10. 2020

5.-9.10. 2020

5.-9.10. 2020

5.-9.10. 2020

5.-9.10. 2020

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