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MSV 2016: China's largest ever exhibition space


Hall A1 of the Brno Exhibition Centre became China's national pavilion for the whole week. It is historically China's largest exhibition at the International Engineering Fair and a spectacular corporate presentation at European exhibitions ever. The preparation of the exhibition took six months and the main organizer - the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) and the International Chamber of Commerce in China (CCOIC) present more than seventy companies on an area of 3900 square meters, among them major companies from Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Zhejiang and other places.

The hall contains companies from all sectors of the Chinese economy, from the aviation or automobile industry to power generation, electronics, metal processing, casting, welding, shipbuilding and other industries. For example the China Railway exposition is unmissable; they operate more than 20,000 km of the high-speed rail system lines, the stand is dominated by a high speed train model. Also a separate exhibition of the Zhejiang province is quite visible; its companies exhibit in Hall A1, and throughout the Hall H. Zhejian is a region in south-eastern China with more than 55 million inhabitants. Engineering is one of the traditional industries of this area, it contributes thirty percent to the total turnover of the province, thirty-one percent on the income and in terms of sales revenues, profits and exports it ranks 4th,  6th, and 3rd in China. The Sino-Czech (Ningbo) International Industrial Park project also presents itself in Brno; the hall generally offers a variety of opportunities to establish business cooperation, create joint ventures and invest.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the engineering industry is one of the promising sectors for future cooperation. Czech firms import for example broaching machines, machines for cutting and grinding gears or machines for making pulp from cellulosic materials into China; however, they are far from the values and volumes of exports of China's largest suppliers - Germany, Japan, Italy, USA etc.

In terms of sectorial opportunities and Czech exports, the most promising areas include mining, quarrying and the oil industry (mining has seen rapid growth due to rising demand for supply from the power generation, manufacturing and construction sector in the last decade), power generation industry (China has become the largest consumer of electricity and has extensive plans to develop the nuclear power generation sector), air transport (China is one of the fastest growing markets for civil aviation), glass, ceramic industry and luxury goods (Czech glass belongs to the traditional export items and "Czech crystal" is famous in China, the Czech Republic traditionally imports rolled or otherwise processed glass into China), there is demand for musical instruments from abroad, such as pianos, guitars, violins, brass instruments and more. Opportunities also exist in the field of environmental technologies, in rail transport, services, ICT, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, and last but not least in agriculture and the food industry (the food market in China is the second largest in Asia, growing at a rate of 30% in the last five years, and for example dairy products in China have great growth potential).

Regarding the balance of bilateral trade over the past five years, China is the fourth largest trading partner of the Czech Republic and the second largest importer (since 2006). For the Czech Republic, China is the 18th largest export market. Czech exports to China have a long-term upward trend. In 2015, the Czech Republic exported goods to the PRC worth 1.67 bn. EUR (a y/o/y increase by 8.2%). Imports from the PRC to the Czech Republic in 2015 amounted to 17.04 billion. EUR, which represents an annual increase of 29.3%. Turnover increased to 18.71 billion EUR compared to the prior year  (an annual increase by 27.1%) with a negative balance of the Czech Republic in the amount of 15.372 billion EUR. During the first quarter of 2016, Czech-Chinese foreign trade turnover amounts to 4.2 billion Euros (-8.6%). Imports into the Czech Republic reached 3.8 billion Euros (-8.4%) and exports from the Czech Republic 0.4 billion EUR (-10.2%).

The article contains information from www.mzv.cz .

Date: 4 Oct 2016 09:00:00

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