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4.-7.10. 2022

International Engineering Fair

Misan s.r.o.


Highly competitive vertical machining centre – Okuma Genos M660V

New member of innovative double-column series, the GENOS M660V with the biggest working area, in between low cost class but one specifically designed to take up less floor space in your shop. This machine tool is offering #40 and #50 spindle taper according customer choice. With OKUMA OSP–P300MA control system and a thermally stable design, you are granted the ability to process even the most challenging materials and geometry. This uncompromising construction is what makes the M660V such a machining powerhouse.

Main machine features

Table size 1,550 x 660 mm
Max table load 1,500 kg
Travels (X, Y, Z) 1,500 mm, 660 mm, 660 mm
Cutting feedrate (X, Y, Z) 40 m/min
Spindle 15,000 Rpm #40, 12,000 for #50, 22/18,5 kW
Tool capacity 32 pots
Floor space 3,050 × 3,350 mm
Machine weight 11,800 kg

High-speed compact machining centre Brother SPEEDIO R650X2 with palet changer, high capacity tool magazine and robotized cell HALTER

High productivity machine tools from the Brother SPEEDIO range are world known particularly in the automotive sector. High efficiency machine Speedio R650X2 encapsulating high-productivity technologies. New bigger quick turn table system and more tools in magazine achieves more efficient mass-production parts machining using manual or robotized parts loading system. High acceleration and quick response when the Z-axis moves up and down, and optimized magazine operation.

Main machine features

Spindle 10,000 Rpm, opce 16,000 Rpm
Table size 800 x 400 mm
Tool storage capacity 40
Tool taper MAS-BBT30
Rapid feed (X, Y, Z) 50, 50, 50 m/min
Travels (X, Y, Z) 650 mm, 400 mm, 435mm
Tool change (Tool/Tool) 0,9 s
Floor space 2,145 × 3,248 mm

Multitasking machine OKUMA MULTUS U3000-2SW

Ultimate multitasking machine that has integrated all needs of customers into this single machine. High rigidity coming out from the angular kinematics is ensuring the highest cutting conditions used on upper turret. Lower turret is increasing of machining efficiency through simultaneous machining with two tools.

Main machine features

Max turning diameter 650 mm
Max turning length 1,500 mm
Spindle motor 22/15 kW (30 min/cont)
Spindle speed L/R 5,000 Rpm
Tool magazine capacity 40 (80, 120)
Upper turret max speed 12,000 Rpm
Upper turret motor 22/15/11 kW

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Date: 7 Jun 2019 09:17:00

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