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1.-5.10. 2018

International Engineering Fair

MICo spol. s r.o.

Our years of experience with sealing, especially of exposed connestions in nuclear poweplants, led us to be able to replace the original asbestos, metal and spiral solutions.

Now we are produce several variants of special gaskets, which are designated for environments requiring extreme reliability or for sealing connections exposed to high pressure and temperatures. The way we have been able to innovate this product, we have achieved a long lifetime compared to previous solutions. The comb profile guarantees that the steel core does not cut through the graphite foil and therefore the sealing surface is not damaged. Therefore, the sealing can be repeatedly used after removal and replacement of the graphite foil. As with our other products, we provide customer service in this area, from the design of the sealing joint, manufacturing the gasket to professional installation and servicing. This product has been recognized not only in Europe, but also in other countries of the world.


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1.-5.10. 2018

1.-5.10. 2018

1.-5.10. 2018

1.-5.10. 2018

1.-5.10. 2018

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